Strange Encounters of Dick Sucking

I recently launched my new ad on Craigslist...Strange Encounters of Dick Sucking. I wanted to explore my new world of being a sexuality, and my fantasies. I was curious as to what it would be like to be paid for sex and to do it right...with a complete stranger in an open location...I am an exhibitionist by nature and I love sex in the open! SO why not? My call went beyond the usual gay men cruising the parks.....

Strange Encounters of Dick Sucking!

Meet a strange woman, in a strange place, and get a good dick sucking!

Remember to tip to guarantee good servicing! 

Within 12 hours of posting I have had 36 responses. This one by far was the most alluring to the men searching through CL looking for hook ups. So far, I have had one paying client, 50euro, and 5 others schedule a date throughout the week. I think realistically out of all I will get 8 paying customers from this ad within the next 2 weeks.

My first paying client to meet a strange woman in a strange place met me last night at Hasenheide Park. He requested I wear a short skirt with nothing underneath. I did it, well the skirt was not really short, but it served the purpose well. It was very cold out, maybe 36 degrees or 4 degrees depending on reader. We met at the entrance and walked to the top of the hill that over looked the city and had several benches. It was at 8:45 at night and believe it or not, no one was around. When we reached the top, I asked for the 50euro and I put it in my bra. I began to remove my jacket and sweater, placed the condom on his penis with my mouth and started sucking. He had a nice cock as far as cocks are concerned. It was long and the girth was quite proportionate. He asked to fuck me and I said ok. I put my left leg up on the bench and bent over. He inserted himself in me and I told him how good he felt inside me. He told me my pussy was tight and started grunting. After a while, I was bored, so I asked to suck his cock again. I let him fuck my mouth deep and hard and when he was ready to cum, he pulled the condom off and came on my face. I brought a towel and wiped my face clean. We pulled ourselves together and walked back down the hill talking and then parted. I went and bought a pack of cigarettes and 2 beers for my roommate.

Hey there, this ad of yours sounds hot. What strange place did you think about ? And would a tip of 50 be ok?
Talk soon,
could be the right thing for me tonight. but strange means, no pics?
would be fine. so please tell me if you got time round 9 and where to
meet you. best P.
Hi there,
yeah, I believe that my dick might be hapy to get a good sucking 
theses days.Strang woman, strange place - strange how? Tip: If you are 
good with to tip, I'll be good with your tip.

Sounds great, I'd like to have that this evening. Where and when? Good  
tip is my second surname.
See you later, hopefully
Jan 19, 2012
So I had yet another perv interested in meeting a strange woman in a park after dark today
This was our interesting the end at least I think I educated someone
who is completely ignorant about sex and STDs...must have grown up in the US! Dunno
Hmm, that sounds good. Tonight at 9pm? Where?
 Me: Hello again Stranger, I could be available for you tonight at 9pm. You will meet me at the 
park of my choice and have 50euro ready for me and I will love to suck 
your cock. But I need a pic first!!!
Perv: will you be naked. will you deepthroat? can I cum on you?
Me: Since we will be outside, no I will not be naked...yes I will deepthroat with a condom and yes you can cum on me! Pic?
Perv: no condom and partly naked (wanna see ass and tits) - that ist my
condition. agree and I'll send you a picture.
Me: sorry I am a safety girl! 
Perv: Oh you can get pregnant from sucking a dick, that ist true. Stupid!
Me: ignorant are think getting pregnant is my worry is horny fucks like you, that would stick your dick in what ever,giving me a fucking disease...herpes or chlamydia of the mouth. Go get fucking 
educated....and FYI, there are plenty of free gay men out there wanting to suck you off...maybe you can go catch something from them. I am sure there are 
plenty with herpes in their mouths wanting to give it to you!!! Have fun with that!   
Perv:  haha! 
Did he? Not sure but what a moron! This is exactly why...even though meeting a stranger in the park after dark and sucking
their dicks, I go through questions and interaction through emails first.  This is not the stranger I would want to meet!
Sucking dick is not my favorite thing..but is it for any woman? But regardless, I am good at it and when you need to make 
money and you are on your period...this way keeps the flow coming. No pun intended!

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