Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Germany Gets Stimulated

Germany Gets Stimulated

Announced May 25, 2012, in time for World Whore Day on June 2nd, Angela Merkel and the Bundestag have agreed to a new "Stimulate Germany Package". With Germany's GDP ranking 3rd in the world in exports, the Stimulate Germany Package will focus on Germany's service and production sector of its economy by tapping into Germany's fastest growing industry, Sex!

With the legalization and taxation of Prostitution in Germany legitimized on January 1, 2002, "In Germany, where prostitution has been legal and taxed by the state since 2002, prostitutes can join unions (for example Berlin’s HYDRA) and can receive health insurance benefits" "Prostitution services are used by over 1.2 million German men annually, and Germany considers the industry a useful source of tax revenue—officials expect 200,000 Euros per year from the meters placed in Bonn alone,"(1) while "turnover in 2010 was estimated at 14.5 Billion Euro", according to Dr. Richard Reichel, Head Chairman of International Economic Relations at Erlangen University, N├╝rnberg. As these statistics only account for "static" use of prostitutes in Germany, the Stimulate Germany Package endeavors to impact the "sex tourism” sector, starting with visitors utilizing prostitutes and escorts for new means of exploring the Capital City of Berlin. If the package proves successful, all 16 German States plan to unilaterally unify all Prostitute taxation codes and increase funding for social services, security, and rights.

The launch of the Angela Merkel's, Stimulate Germany Package, will act in concert with the opening the new luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Berlin September 1, 2012. Angela Merkel and members of the Bundestag have chosen select Berlin Escorts and Prostitutes, including Aimmee Dudevant, Berlin's hottest new Escort/ Blogger confessionasofawhore.blogspot.de, to host the most exclusive guests Worldwide for its unveiling, with the state expecting to gross over 40 Million Euro from this one off, thus forward to consummate future earnings for the year of 6.6 Million.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lesson in Graditude and Gratuity from a Escort in Berlin!!

What makes for a Perfect evening, with a perfect client? 

#1 Making direct yet friendly contact in request for services... where, what, when, how long, how much!
It is important for date to know what he wants so I know that I can deliver. The offering of details is not meant to be dirty talk, yet a build up of good communication and forethought. Misunderstandings and unclear dialog can cloud the boundaries of the transaction and the experience!
#2 Exchange of numbers for confirmation and calling
It is a sure sign of seriousness and respect when numbers can be exchanged for confirmation. It is also meant for security. Some men have a problem giving their number, but what if something happens and one of us is running late, or if the guy is a fake or tries to do something dishonest...numbers are very important.
#3 Offering to pick me up and drive me home
A true gentleman does not make a women take public transport to his date, especially if it makes him wait another hour and a half!
#4 Money in envelope and discretely handing it to me with the greeting kiss
Handing the money in advance in an envelope from the beginning removes the dirty aspect of our business from the beginning. In the case of handing over the envelope...it is indeed the essence of handing a woman a flower at the beginning of a date! Now we can just be us and do as we please!
#5 Good conversation in car, although all in German :)
There is nothing like being able to have a conversation with someone before we get down and dirty. Seeing the persons intelligence, interests, and personality makes the assessment of later fun more impacting. My conversation helped me to brush up on my German skills...bonus!
#6 Opening doors, offering hand, then being naughty looking up my skirt as I climb the stairs to his front door
This seems to be a dying gesture in the act of wooing...but men who pay me tend to be the rare breed of gentleman that understand the importance of being Ernest! 
#7 Offering me a drink, while he takes a shower
He could have taken a shower before I arrived, but the fact he didn't showed me he was not wanting to rush things and show that he was respectful and hygiene was appreciated 
#8 Taking his time and building up the tension, touching, licking, kissing, exploring
Although the truth of the matter is, I am his prostitute for the evening, neither one of us needs to feel the cheapness of this notion, proper seduction and exploration alleviates the general consensus of actions taking place. Kissing me gently on the lips, smelling me and breathing me in, then removing my bra and exposing my breasts, then gently licking them and teasing them, touching my body and observing my responses to his admiration's... 
#9 Becoming ever so aroused, the animal awakens. Thrusting and petting making me squirt everywhere
It is important to build things up and not just dive in. My man knew exactly what he was doing and was comfortable with and excited by the tension. He knew what he was capable of for the duration of an hour, but the clock shall never be heard ticking!
#10 doesn't desire at the moment to be touched, excited and focused on continuing to make me squirt
He knows that he will get his just desserts....but before that happens it is important to give me mine....as I feed them back to him...all over his sheets, hands, and face!
#11 finally allowing me to take his cock into my mouth.....all the way to the end
The exploration of him. Men like being touched and teased as much as women do..just not as long! First one must play with the  mans balls, making him desire and fantasize about where my mouth will go next. Short attention spans require limitations. Sometimes just the feeling of heat from your closeness or the breath from your mouth makes him so crazy, that the moment you make the slightest contact he is completely engorged and he must divert his thoughts for a moment. Then slowly take him all the way down the rabbit hole and have a cup of tea!
#12 completely vocally responsive to the coital actions taking place
There is nothing more stimulating than hearing your partners reaction to what you are doing. Instant gratification is what I am all about! The variation in tempos tells you what to do next...thus we are creating our own story together! 
#13 wanting to play with me more, but from behind....making me cum so fucking hard
 A man that cannot get enough of seeing the fruits of his hard work....is a real man in bed! Flipping me over and taking me from behind, licking my ass and fingering me, getting the deepest angle....made me cum so hard, I had to collapse! He knew then his duty....get the girl a drink!
#14 then wanting to feel me from the inside, and inserting his very large cock slowly, then so hard and fast, I can feel it bottom out inside me
Sometimes just saying..."fick mich" und "fick mich hart" is enough to bring out the animal in a man! What will he say...."No!"? Slowly entering himself, feeling my tightness and wet warmth just to find the perfect moment to let loose. He did and it was so hard and felt so good it hurt. The pain was intense, but as intense as the pleasure. I wanted it to stop as much as I wanted it to keep on....so I did!
#15 then letting me ride him, giving him a break, slow and passionately close, then hard and deep
After drilling me so hard, he became exhausted and summoned me atop him. Gladly, I will ride my stallion. Slow and deep and then fast and hard. Looking into his eyes, hearing him moan as he clutches hard onto my breasts and then spanking my ass. He pulls me close to him, to breath me in and taste my kisses, then drills me once again. 
#16 then to finish, massaging his balls and cock with my hands, then with my mouth as I stick a finger in his ass and massage his prostate until he explodes in my face!....Lecker:)
Both too exhausted to admit, I say, "ein Pause". I sit up looking into his eyes, rubbing my residual juices into his chest and stomach down to his balls. Stimulating and relaxing it was for him. Seducing his nether regions, then further down and down...oh my, he likes his anus played with :) As I approach nearer and nearer to the beautiful puckered star, his moaning gets more intensive. I slowly creep my finger inside him and I could feel him open up to me. his breathing alternated between deep and shallow and I knew it was almost time :) I start to suck his beautiful cock as I go deeper and harder into his ass, massaging his prostate....in moments you could not tell if he was in pain or pleasure...but never having me stop....yes, yes, yes.....ooooohhhhhh! Then a huge smile!
#17 Smoke a cigarette together and chat and flirt
Those who cum together shall smoke together! Taking the time to speak and reminisce the moments previous seals the sexual bond making it all the more fulfilling.  
#18 take a shower and get dressed slowly in front of him...making him desire another round
he watched me as I cleaned myself...this is a unique form of pillow talk and showing the that the climate of arousal is not yet finished, but contented. He dried me as I left the shower and watched me as I bent over to reapply my stockings and panties and he could not resist yet another fondle and a pat on my ass! I looked back at him with a girlish smile. 
#19 Drive home with tossed hair and a very delighted smile
You arrive to your client a certain way, pristine like a doll and when it is over, the natural glow and vibrancy of post coital intimacy gleans through...it is special indeed!
#20 Confirming the mutual  delight and offering my services for the next time
There is no doubt with the big smiles, the flirting glances, and the stress of everyday life not shared with the other....we will come together again for the perfect blissful moments....without spoiling it by extending ourselves any further than the sensual boundaries of the client and prostitute!
One gets what he pays for, one gets what he desires, one gets what he deserves....all he need to do is ask!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

There it is Bitch!

This week was interesting yet calm work wise. I received a call from a man who had been trying to book me for quite some time, but I was always booked when he wanted me. This time, he caught me at a free moment. At first he wanted to take me to his garden and have sex in the open. He was not all that attractive, but this really does not bother me...so long as he has a good grasp of what he wants and takes the reigns. I thought this could actually be adventurously fantastic...fucking in a garden with tall apartment building surrounding us for my moans to echo to and fro and for random neighbors to gaze upon our exploits! But as we met he decided taking me to a the hour hotel would be best. This is no problem for me as the one I visit most is quite clean, well decorated, and has charm.

We enter the room and he asks me to strip down leaving me in my heals. He started playing with my breasts like a child playing with two stressballs for the first time and completely expressionless. I thought ok, now I will actually have to play the consummate actress. I kept eye contact with him giving small hints of approval, yet with wicked intent glares mixed with smiles. He pushed, squeezed, nibbled and repeated without a sound. Then he turned me around and bent me over the sink in front of the mirror and started to cram and shove his fingers in my pussy and my ass...without care or concern as to whether it was stimulating me whatsoever.  He turned me again and started back at my tits and nipples, grinding his teeth like razors across them...I finally had to tell him to take it easy, then in hopes to give my breast relief...I started sucking his tiny little cock...at least this way I could find some amusement for myself. After some time he pushed my mouth away as he was getting to the point he may cum and pushed me on the bed on my hands and knees and then started ramming is fingers hard and deep into my pussy and my ass. I finally had taken all I could from him and his horrible sexual ideas and pulled him over to the bed and flung him on his back and started to suck. All I could think about was for this to be over. But then he thought it would be awesome to plant his fat rolly poly ass on my face and try and suffocate me with his dick....I am sure he was aware that this would be the only way with such little equipment. After about 2 minutes of that I was done and I flung him off of me, pinned him on his back and just started to suck like there was no tomorrow. I could feel his legs starting to twitch and tremble and as the moment finally came...I lifted my head up to not get a drop on me, looked at his cock, pointed both gunner fingers at his cock, then looked dead at him just as he squirted hi load all over himself...as if to say..." there it is bitch"!

He got up and started to put his clothes on as I was cleaning myself up and said...I am done and I will leave now...that was great!

I love how your hair glistens a kaleidoscope of reds in the sunlight

My next client for sure made up for the previous debauchery. He contacted me in the morning on Kaufmich. His approach was very sincere and gentleman like. I usually do not take last minute, but as I was awake and showered with curlers in hair already, I thought why not! He was unsure of where of if we could actually meet, since he was married. So I recommended the same hourly hotel. At first he thought it was too low class, then he looked at the website and came back with an ok! So once again, for the 3rd time that week, I was back on the stundehotel strip! he sent me his picture and trusted me with his cell number....this is always a good sign with clients. It shows they respect your rules and boundaries and place the same courtesy upon you. His picture was not the best, but i did not mind as he treated me well in our conversations. When I walked into the hotel, 5 minutes late, he was waiting patiently for me in the lobby. He was much more handsome in person....and very tender and soft spoken. He asked me how it worked and I explained it was 25€ for 1st hour and that they knock on the door to let you know and then you can ask for an extension. 

He paid for the room and we headed in....of course it would be the same room as the nipple biting, pussy slashing, facesitting Jaba the Hutt. But, with him it was a totally different feel...relaxed and with obvious chemistry. I started to undress as he watched from the bed. He watched every move I made and with his eyes I could see he was enamored, but then the words came out. He said, he loved my curves and that I had a beautiful body.  of course this made me feel great and sexy and desired, so I sat down next to him and started to chat. He was very open and forthcoming with answers and responsive to my compliments to his skin (he was 8 years my senior), he was very well maintained and I could see he had tattoos...great stories behind those usually.  I took off his shirt slowly, then touched his very well maintained body and golden skin. I asked hi about his tattoos and told him that I had a few hidden and that he would see them shortly. We started to kiss passionately and heavy and he put his hands between my legs and started to play and his sensuality and passion drove out several squirts of ecstasy then he licked my sweet juices clean.

He lifted my ass into the air and planted his face between my legs and licked and moaned...hot!. I told him then he needed to take his pants off, as I knew there would be more squirting to come and I did not want it on his clothes to be detected later. As he removed his pants, I saw his beautiful big cock standing at attention and I could not resist. i put it into my mouth slowly and gently opened my throat and took all 22cm to the end. He yelped, hols shit! I sucked on him while he moved my ass closer to him and he played once again with my pussy...making her squirt even more! Then he moaned...I need to fuck you now, where are the condoms. I continued sucking to make it last longer...then he said, " damit, I need to be inside of you now". I got up and walked across the room slowly to let him cool down a bit and watch my ass....and bent over slowly and got the condoms. 

I put on the condom and sat on top of him. He was so hard, I could nudge his penis up into entry position with my pussy and slowly allow him in. his sigh of relief made me hotter and as he wrapped his arms around me holding me close he started to fuck me....so passionate and close...I came all over his penis and he could feel it seep down his balls, between his legs and on his stomach. He flipped me over and propped one leg over his shoulder and as he pounded himself inside me, the remaining juices splattered all over us...until he released himself with a very gratuitous groan. He fell upon my breast and continued to slowly move is still large cock in and out. 

We laid in bed and chatted as I rubbed and massaged him. As we sat there and spoke, he told me once again how beautiful I was and touched my face. Then in that moment, the sun came through the window and he mentioned how my hair glistened a kaleidoscope of reds in the sunlight. Then he reached up and pulled my face to his and started to kiss me again. our bodies got closer and he started to play with my pussy again and I with his beautiful large cock. He said..where are the condoms, I need to fuck you again? He entered me again, he rode me hard, playing with my breast, grasping them hard until he climaxed once again! 

As we dressed, he asked me is my ability to take such a large cock all the way down my throat a natural ability or something learned? He kissed me and thanked me placing the money on the table and said, do not forget that....you earned it! Until next time!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hostile work evironments....sometimes invigorate me :)

In an effort to expand business...like any entrepreneur would do, I placed several ads in different cities, appealing to those who will be visiting Berlin! This strategy has proven most responsive I am excited to say...and thank you for the positive results! However, this morning I received a very interesting email from a man...not quite happy! Here is the ad and then the subsequent correspondences.   

Ad placed in London:

Cumming to Berlin?

The best part of visiting Berlin...being visited by me!

I am a very sexy, curvy, red head who loves one thing more than the city of Berlin....

I would love to personalize your visit to Berlin and show you what ever side of the city you would like to see.

I would love to accompany you dinner, museums, cafe's, bars, and clubs....what ever your heart desires! Whether for one night, weekend, or full visit...I am here to help you have the most personalized, memorable and erotic visit!

Please respond back with "visiting Berlin" in Reply and with a time that you will be visiting, interests typical and sexual, and a little bit about yourself. Lets see if we can have a mutually stimulating adventure together. Attach a photo and along with a description of yourself, interests, and times you will be here. This is a service provided by a beloved hobby hure!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Repressed individuals response! :
Scumbag you have been flagged. Now. Fuck off

Me: Wow we are quite hostile :( Sorry I offended you so badly...the beautiful thing about reading personal ads is...if you are not interested, one can just click out and move on.
I am detecting the frustration of someone who has been looking for a "free" sex partner and has not found what he is looking for, whether rejected over and over or just not pleased with what is available...but I am guessing the latter...given the hostility. It may come as a surprise to you, but the ads for escort service is obviously in demand....I have had over 75 interested responses alone in your city...before you flagged it...meaning the platform here caters to myriad desires...even if that desire does not appeal to you personally. But the free society in which we live in...because of censoring individuals, such as yourself, that freedom is merely an illusion.....one day when you have a voice, desire, or serious proclamation you would like heard....the duct tape will be drawn across your mouth...an you will be left to suffer in silence...because one person (like yourself) does not like what you have to say!

Should you ever not want to be rejected again....maybe you should give it a try! Freedom or escort!

Best regards,

Aimmee Dudevant
repressed: I am not short of sex I am not hostile this site is not meant for prostitutes and will get closed down if this persists I can never understand men who pay for this there is something wrong they are sad insecure  men  inside  and wow I will keep this site cash free now go away and find someonee else to annoy you get it?good and goodbye
Me: The site will not get shut down...but it is good to see that the CL has a concerned citizens committee (Gestapo) there to protect the perverts in the http realm from those evil prostitutes that corrupt them even more! Good Job! *pat on back* maybe one day you will get a medal of valor or well...we saw what happened in the end to the Gestapo!
This man is amazingly lacking a few screws and intelligence cells in his brain. My colleague also placed an ad in London CL...offering the TS experience in Berlin....and wouldn't you know this guy was policing that section too? Here is the interaction from that conversation.....

I have called Craig's list and again you have been flagged you are sick get a job then go to a doctor you will remove it or. Craig's list.
Dear Beloved Stephan (pun intended),

What do you do on the T4M section, does your wife know you love cock sucking and taking it in the ass?
Repressed: I am divorced and the whole world knows including my children I love men and yes I love it up my arse and to suck a cock dry I mean men. Not men trying to a women sicko

Another hostile individual:
Forget the adventure, when I visit you, I would like you to open the door and be fully naked. I’ll slap a leash on you, spank your whore ass, slap your slutty tits after which, you’ll suck my thick hard cock in various places and positions, mostly on your knees and looking me in the eyes. Did you understand everything?
Me: No..me no speak english!  lol Will I be punished more if I do not understand? When you are in Berlin..let me know! You can book me through www.kaufmich.com/suksuki

Also...if you would like to read about my sex...go to       http://confessionasofawhore.blogspot.de


Aimmee Dudevant

Response: You’ve got to be kidding me. You should be paying me for making your life have realisation, you stupid whore.

Monday, May 7, 2012