Friday, March 1, 2013

We are all whores! II

We are all whores!


If this offends you, then perhaps this is not the blog for you. This is the true story of a woman who embraced her sexuality and discovered personal success in peddling her own natural resources as a whore.


There is a reason this is the oldest profession. But I declare it is one of the world’s most honest professions, yet yields a harsh reputation. It is clearly in demand, for that is why it exists. One could say a woman cheapens herself when she takes remunerations for her services, but this is surely not the case, when so many give it away for free.


If you think whores are limited to women who walk the street and tempt you with their seemingly enchanting goods, you are wrong. Think about it, every day you wake up at some God awful hour to go to work, usually doing something that takes from you more than it gives in return. Every day you compromise your principles, you sacrifice your health, your family, your time…and for what, for who? For some boss or several bosses that will always get paid more to do less. But make no mistake, they too are whores. They too must pay the piper in some way, but usually it is at your expense. Their dilemma lies in their conscience and it is not for us to see.


Think about life in only black and white and in the view of consumers and producers. You are programmed to think you are the consumer, but you really are only a producer, that consumes. The more you desire, the more you need, the more you must produce. Yet, you are not rewarded in time or money the more you produce, so why do you produce more? When you delve into your work until 10 at night and have left what is important alone, do you even take the time to revel in the consumables you have? Do you think about all the memories you have sacrificed? Have you realized your resource and potential and compared it to your sacrifices?


The boss on the other hand, has no need to think about these things, because having you as his slave, he has time to enjoy his consumables and make memories. But he as the ultimate consumer, who also produces, must continue his standard of living for fear of one day becoming you.


Some whores sacrifice all the things that are important in life as a slave, because either they are willing to sacrifice their children, their wives, or their health to survive or in hopes to ultimately become the boss. While some whores are willing to sacrifice those things on your behalf as a rule of survival of the fittest. This whore is the biggest whore of all. The big whore knows the worth and value of the slave and buys him at the cheapest rate, just enough to keep that carrot on the stick alluring. The cheap whore goes along with this rate, because he himself never knew his worth, nor did he demand it.


So when you drive off to work, leaving your beautiful wife and your children at that God awful hour in your fancy car, your clunker, or even the train, take a good look around you and you will see how small you are in the sea of cheap whores. Perhaps you will have the strength to say, WTF?


The only difference with the whore who works as such openly and you is that she has come to terms with her enslavement. She has found something of herself that has value, that is marketable and manageable and on her own terms. She has not only separated herself from the sea of cheap whores in denial, but she has weighed the worth and value and demands it up front. The business transaction is made without further debt. The client gets what he pays for and she can live in reasonable comfort, luxury, have time to build memories, raise her children, and even have her health. If she plays it smart, she can even build something for her offspring. Sounds a little like marriage, don’t you think, but with no strings attached.  In the case of the whore, her title is clearly placed on her door.

The truth is, the sooner we acknowledge that we are all whores, the sooner we can find our personal worth and demand it.