Sex on a Stick, Sidewalk, Trainstation Oh MY!

For those of you unbeknown to the term FtM it means Female to Male Transition.

 FTM Sex on Schönhauser Allee

It was in November and it was bloody cold out. Colder than the following December. I had met yet another Female to Male trans guy and he was quite handsome. Very different to "M" as he had been transitioning for years. His breasts had been removed along with the internal female organs. His urethra was redirected to his even more so extended clitoris and his penis was being constructed on his forearm for the next OP. He was very hairy and masculine and there was no question about his gender whatsoever. We started flirting the moment we met. Every time we went out we flirted and we actually became very good friends. Texting each other all day and night...always chatting.

One night we went out and it happened to be amidst my ex and my ex-friend. He was a complete gentleman and stayed by me the whole time. After several drinks later, he asked me if I wanted to make my ex jealous. I said, no, I think us being here together is doing that enough. He said, because I could kiss you. But I could not do it. However, I did suggest us go into the back of the bar away from them and make out. But before we could act upon it, the bar started closing and everyone went out front. I remained inside waiting for my friend to return from the toilet. When he returned I told him to kiss me. He did, vigorously and passionately. Of course, outside the window, the group had seen us.

We scooted out of the bar a little light headed from the kiss and joined the rest of the group. They invited us for pizza around the corner, but he declined the offer and said, he was going to make sure I get home safely. Arm in arm we turned the corner walking towards the tram and train station. Just above the train station is the Schönhauser Allee mall. It was about 4:30 in the morning and quite fucking cold. We walked along the walk way between the mall store fronts and the bridge to the train itself. He and I looked at each other and started kissing. The next thing I know he pushes my up against the storefront window and kisses me harder. He rubs his body against mine, just like a man with a cock would. This was extremely hot for me...knowing he had no cock, but how sensitive what he did have was. It reminded me of being in the hallway of my ex's.

He began touching my tits and rubbing my nipples which were erect anyway from the cold, but extraordinarily turned on...his touch with my breast was also like that of my ex. It is hard to describe, the way the hands softly but forcibly embraced the whole breast and then the gentle stimulation of my nipples, just made me wet and vulnerable to the moment. Not to mention I enjoy public sex! But the next thin I know my belt is on the ground, one jacket is on the ground, and my dress is up over my chest and he is sucking my tits. His lips and his tongue felt amazing. The contrast between warm and wet and the bitter cold air was titillating, no pun intended!  He was thoroughly enjoying exploring my body, getting down on his knees and licking and kissing. He would not let me touch him below, but he loved it when I touched his chest, scratched his back, and played with his nipples.

Hearing him grunt and whisper in my ear how good I feel made the cold go away. I wanted to feel his body against mine, so I lifted my dress higher and opened up his shirt and rubbed my tits with erect nipples all around his chest and stomach. I licked and kissed him and pulled his body closer to mine. He reached down into my panties and the moment his cold soft fingers touched my pussy, she started to drip. He knew exactly how to play with her. Not to hard, not too soft, not too much clit stimulation and how sensitive the vaginal opening was. I started to flow in ecstasy and I could not help but to howl and moan loudly into the still night. He inserted his fingers bent up towards my g-spot and started pounding and vibrating it and then my knees went weak, my cum rushed out and splashed everywhere with each insertion. His voice whispering in my ear, oh, yah...thats good girl, oh yah your so fucking wet, just sent me over the edge and I could not help but to scream....I am cumming. I could hear it echo down the tracks and through the mall corradore.

In the times my eyes were open, I could make out random people just walking by heading to catch the train for work and the security guard out of the corner of my eyes. I was surprised no one stopped to watch, but I vaguely remember seeing the security guard more than once. he continued to milk me of all of my juices and only stopped when I had nothing left to give....2 hours later.

The next time we had sex was on Thanksgiving at my friends house. This story may be a little more graphic and for some it may be nasty....

Thanksgiving I was not only celebrating my American tradition with turkey, stuffing, mashed tators, and pie, but I was also celebrating getting my Visa to stay in Germany. I was really in the mood to celebrate. I bought 1 bottle of wine and two 1liter bottles of vodka to share. Well since Thanksgiving was an American holiday that falls on a Thursday, most of our German guests did not have it in them to drink quite as much as we Americans had planned to. My friend came to join us later...about 1 bottle of wine for me later. When he arrived I was feeling very good. I had my wine, some gluwein, a few shooters, and a few glasses of vodka on the rocks. The night carried on long after our German guests left. My girl friend, whose apartment it was, myself, and my friend were the only people left. We sat around and talked about music, sang, watched videos online, got onto the topic of what videos were hot. Then I told my friend to show us the porn video he liked the best. We watched that one and a few others and as I sat at his feet, I could feel his leg twitch letting me know he was horny. I then looked at my other friend (female) and could see the desire in her eyes. I looked at him then her and asked if it would be ok with her wife (sleeping in other room) would mind us having a 3-way, so long as he doesn't do anything to her? (My female friend, myself, and her wife had previous agreement that we could fuck each other) She was completely down. So I told her to come down to the floor and started kissing her, then started kissing him. I took her clothes off and started enjoying her nipples in my mouth and kissing her. I removed my shirt and kissed him again. I threw her down on her back and crouched above her kissing her and touching her, while he was behind me undoing my pants. I told him I was on my period and he said he did not I didn't either. He started to finger me from behind and kissing my ass. I continued to play with her, kissing her lips, her tits, and then down to her pussy.

He stopped for a moment and I noticed in my peripherals that he went to smoke a ciggy and watch us. I sucked nd licked on her very sweet shaved pussy and then I started to finger her. I had her straddled over me as I was inside her when he returned and pushed me on top of her. he dug his hand between my shoulder blades and then started finger fucking me hard, then he pulled my pants completely off and pushed my ass up higher into the air. All the while making it hard to maneuver with her. I got thirsty and took a few swigs off the vodka and went back down on her. I must have cut her with my finger nails, because she howled in pain from the sensation of the vodka in my mouth on her pussy. Her wife opened the door and looked in and said something, not sure really and then she left. My friend and I continued on fucking. He had me bent over the bed, the chair, then on the bed with my pussy in the air holding her to his face sucking and licking me. I can not count how many times I came all over him, his face, his arm...everywhere. It was just a massive explosion of water works that we were bathing in. I was fucking me really hard. I remember it hurting, but feeling so good....I think he was attempting to fist me. We stopped for a smoke break after about an hour or so...not sure. Then he started fucking me on the balcony, then on the floor, and back on the bed.

We both lost track of time, but it was daylight out and we eventually stopped and talked a bit. He said he had to go...he had to be to work in 2 hours. I could not imagine going anywhere....I passed out on the bed and didn't even say good bye. I woke up the next day around 2pm. I tried standing up and my pussy hurt to holy hell. I could hardly move. But when I stood up and looked around me, I could not believe what I saw. There was blood and cum stains everywhere but the walls. It looked like a slaughter house. I was mortified to say the least. It was so animistic and erotic, but also so bad....this was my friends apartment, their sheets, their carpet. I stayed in the room for a while to listen to the sounds of the girls walking around in the kitchen. They did not sound upset or pissed off. So I crept into the kitchen submissively and bashfully to face the music. They were surprisingly cheerful and not really bothered by the atrocity that happened in their living room. I could not apologize enough. They said it was ok, they understood....this happens with girls. Then my friends wife wanted to show me something. We walked into the living room and she pointed to a distinct full hand print on the floor. We all started laughing and pointing out all the spots. We all laughed but I was still quite embarrassed at my behavior. We spent the entire rest of the day cleaning by hand the sheets, blankets, and carpets. We even found  spot that we think was my girl friends blood and not mine! Maybe from when I cut her with my finger nails. Who knows! All I know was I was in so much pain, walking down the 5 flights of stairs and sitting on the train home, was the most uncomfortable feeling. But I did it with a smile!

A week or so later, my friend and I found ourselves on Schoenhauser Allee again, but the other side...along the sidewalk. Just out of nowhere we start kissing and I am up against the wall. This time it was around 2am and there were many people walking and riding by, but it still did not stop us. My jackets were off, my top was open and bra was laying on the sidewalk. He grinded himself up against me and finger fucked me like he was standing on a bible only to roger me a biological man would. This encounter was not as long as the first, but it surely didn't lack in intensity, enthusiasm, or water works. I howled and moaned and no passer by was protected from my singing. his fingers inside me just felt so fucking good...I could not help myself.

In the end...I like FtM sex the most of all. The foresight, first hand knowledge combined with the sexual desire and stamina that comes with testosterone makes the equation complete! The attention to detail, body language, and knowing how a woman likes to be touched and knowing how they have always longed to fuck a woman like a man...proves to be the most erotic engagement in my opinion. That is what I said and I am sticking to it!