Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cock tribute!

In my profession as a whore, I am always interacting with men looking for sex. But is this an oxymoron is it not? I write several ads catering to different levels of intelligences, desires, and persuasions, but I am constantly getting the same response. Someone actually asked me once in response, "is what you are looking for so hard to find?". YES! Just an FYI to my fellow horny fuckers....we already know you are sexually driven beings and there is no doubt that you worship your cock, that you like to fuck, that you can fuck for hours, and that you are interested when we show you attention. But I think it would be most behooving if you at least tried to be amiable (even if it is false) and try not to be a walking hard-on with nothing else to offer. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself and your character as a human when you set aside the obvious...that you are indeed a dick! I am just saying that choosing better presentation of that cock may prove fruitful! dress up that cock to leave it to the imagination and let the woman worship that beautiful cock on her own terms.

This behavior has no meaning in my professional world. Men pay me to speak to me in seductive and dirty Sprache....and here it is appropriate. I just find it mind boggling that men feel that they can talk to every woman in such a way. I think I will just take some time on my soapbox here....

Hey Lady,

saw your add and said to myself... 'Hey that would be a could end for a weekend'!!! So, lets meet up, and get down and dirty!

About me: 26y/o, 180cm, 85kg, muscular, Tattoos, brownish curls, glasses , nice and yum cock, fun, sane and dd free shaven and clean.

I am not into S&M but like it rather hard and would never turn down a good Analfuck (but that would be totally up to you).

So, if your interested, drop me a line, lets exchange pics and make this happen!

This is a response to an ad looking for a lover or a regular friends with benefits. First of all, it appears to be a regular copy and paste job with the run of the mill body stats.  The difference with his stats...instead of saying he is well endowed or he measures 28cm or some insane number, or hung....he states he has a "yum cock". Hmmm does he know what a yum cock is? Cause I don't. When you google "yum cock" this is what comes up.....  But I am assuming he got lazy again  and did not want to fully spell out the word "yummy". For real, lazy is the first thing  think of here. Then I am also assuming he is trying to say he has a yummy cock. How does he know....does he suck it regularly? Does he regularly taste his cum, drink it even? I would think if he had a yummy cock too, he would be taken and not responding to complete strangers. Or if he was able to partake in enjoying a yummy cock, he would not be leaving home or taking time to peruse craigslist soliciting his oh so yummy cock. Next, "he would never turn down a good analfuck". Hmmmmm way. What kind of man is this? Did I ever have a doubt in my mind, was it ever left in question if this man or any other man would turn down anal sex?....Scenario.... I am bent over on all fours, with my ass and pussy spread and my partner stands there and says, "no darling, you have offered me the best pussy fuck ever, how could I violate your ass in this way? Really I couldn't."

Last but not least, he also addressed me as "Lady", but nowhere in his response am I spoken to as a lady. Does this behavior really work? I assume so or men would not behave this way....shame on women....shame, shame, shame! I know you need sex as much as men...I get it. But really, there is a mysteriousness about women that still alludes this day. This is our not sully it! Again gentlemen...we know you have a cock, we know you need sexual healing...blah blah blah  Try not to mention it and put the energy to seducing a woman may just surprise yourself.

But...if you still feel you must be the walking hard-on guy....let's see what you have. I will run a contest for the nicest cock. But this will not be for the faint of heart. I will critique your cock if you have not such thick vorhaut....maybe you should just step back!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I confess........... CL Ad W4M

I Confess…

Dear heavenly father I have has been a lifetime since my last confession....perhaps only in a past life.

I have had sexual relations,
Sexual relations with many men.
I have been penetrated...
In every way possible.

Will I go to hell?

Even if I liked it and I am not sorry? Even if I want it more and more? Even if I enjoy getting paid for it?

No my will not go to hell. There is a special place in heaven reserved for those who tend to the needs of men and there is also a special place for those who enjoy it! Getting paid only makes you honest and shows men how to value more what they receive! Have no fear child your place, your happy heavenly place, is secured next to the holiest of the holy....after all you have tended to us and our needs longer than any other and we are grateful. We keep those we value close and safe!


hahaha, I haven't had such a good laugh in a while ... many
thanks for this ... I need to save this somewhere ...

You seem like cool gal ... any chance to get to know you?

Bravo for these lines ^^

Having somebody who is smart on the opposite side makes this interesting. So what is the deal?

Actually paying is kind of a turn-on, but you are aware, that I am going to make you DO things... ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just once, I would love to be proven wrong!

Last night I decided to meet someone...a guy, just for myself and outside of work. Occasionally, yes, I do this and it seems like every time I do, it is the same fucking guy but only with a different face. I can say indeed, I was open to meeting a strange guy, having a drink or 2 and then going back to his place for some NSA wild sex...and without charging. But truth be hold, every man I meet under these circumstances proves me right every time.

Some may not understand the realness behind being a whore. The actual connection, although brief as it may be, behind a paid for encounter. I have met some of the most beautiful men, beautiful souls, and been flattered beyond belief by them. My theory being that, people (but mostly men) place a value on things that they pay for. They see it as an investment and when the investment has a guarantee behind it, the men tend to put forth the effort to be themselves, attentive, seductive, and warm. They want to get the most out of what they pay for....they know they could just stick it somewhere quickly and for free...but in the end...what is there in that? While the contrary is inevitable with a man seeking free sex. He is arrogant and feels he is God's gift to women and that women are merely there to satiate him. Why is this?

When sex is paid for, you tend to get exactly what it is you desire and usually a bit more. The boundaries are clear, intentions are expressed, and the sensuality is left in its extreme form for the duration of the encounter. The participants part ways without any strange feelings of, will I see him again or in most cases, what the fuck did I do? The time spent together has clarity, emotion, and intensity that both partake in together with set function and rationality. But when the sex is free or the intent of sex is free, men tend to treat the female part more like a slut a piece of meat only there for him and his needs...... more than the gentleman paying for an actual whore.

After spending several hours having conversation with this egotistical typical male, we both realized that it would go no further. Although he was good looking enough and could hold a decent conversation, it was dead in the water for this evening. We had talked about many personal things and I no longer was this person he could take home and just take advantage of. It seemed to have the potential to develop into a friendship and maybe with benefits. He never tried to kiss me or touch me and that was a plus in my book. But in the end, when we said goodbye, I went to kiss him to let him know, that there was an amount of interest to possibly meet again and see where it would go. He pushed me away and said, I am not feeling it this evening, but would like to see me again in the future. I agreed! Then he went and fucked it up by saying...."maybe I could meet you in the park and you can give me one of your great blow jobs and I would even talk to you afterwards."

On so many levels...........REALLY!

On my walk home, I realized more about myself. I realized that men, as much as they love the idea of having a girlfriend who can be their personal whore, I will only ever have the respect of a girlfriend, when I am being paid for it. I also realized, that I have someone in my life that I care copious amounts for. I see my heart beginning to open more and more and with this I become ever more fearful. Last night when I went out on this date, I went on this date to try and rid myself of this feeling I have for someone and that maybe by doing it, I  only conjured up more pain and fear within myself.....assured disappointment.

To the man I spent last night.....thank you for not allowing me to lessen my worth!

Love waking up to good lesbian porn!

wake and shake!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Journey to Self Liberation as a Whore

Making my way through this life, this journey, I am learning so much about myself. I have found strengths, weaknesses, confidences, places where I am completely content and also where I am uneasy, and for the most part...they are one in the same. These traits have all completely shifted from one extreme to another. Do I like what I have found about myself? There are moments when I am not quite sure...but isn't this true for anyone? Day to day though, I am completely content with who I have found in myself. I am usually happy, energetic, smiling, silly, and charismatic and always in the mood to feel the warm body of another next to mine. But the moments when I am not, they hit so intensely, any and all happiness I have found is lost in these moments of deterioration. I have woken up absolutely hating myself and who I am, for as close as I can be to something recognizable to being in love or feeling closeness to another human being for more than an hour, I hate myself for trying or desiring it. Mostly because I don't want to be let down in the end, should the person I value most outside myself, not care for me in a way closest to resembling a kind of unique bond and loving loyalty. What I don't like about myself is the cold and bitter reality, that as much as I want to find closeness and trust in another, I do not allow myself to feel it completely. I am full of love and desire, yet I no longer know how to express it with real connection to feeling. I hate myself for being numb to love and its possibilities, especially now because I have never been so highly desired by so many. This new desire for me is exhilarating and fills me with confidence in myself that I never really had before, but the sad part of it is, this desire men have for me is only superficial. They have no interest in the person that exists beyond the facade. But, I also know for me, I have not the capacity to embrace anything more than superficial.

I see myself clear as day. For the first time in my life I can stand still like in a wormhole and look upon my past, present, and future. I am beyond familiar with the roads I have traveled, I have found solitude for where I am at present, and I can see where I want to go. The only thing fuzzy for me is how? I have always been scattered and hard at focusing...I know I cannot live like this forever and sometime somewhere, something will have to give...but what will I relinquish? Personal sovereignty, principles, or my ideal for love? At the moment, I am completely content with where I am...physically, mentally, and emotionally. Prior to becoming a whore and living life on a whim of love and the way the wind blew, I was out of balance as I lost my sovereignty, tried to live with principles and with my ideal of was a complete fail as I did not know the subtlety of loves manipulations. I slowly melded into one with another and forgot that I also exist as an individual and with boundaries.

Now I live with boundaries I have set...feeling the individual that pays me for my time. I feel them, taste them, bond with them for a moment in time, yet neither becomes drained by the inevitable disappointment that complete unity has to offer. I no longer suck a dick for the explicit sanctification of another and I no longer do it whimsically. I no longer freely give away what has worth to me and should have worth to others, and when that worth is put into question, I am strong enough in my self appreciation to allow anyone to cheapen me or what I have to offer , I will settle for nothing less than what I desire and nothing less than what I am worth . This self liberation would have never existed within me had I not become a whore. It would have never happened had I stayed in the US and it would not have happened had I not relinquished to some, lost to more, or had stolen from a heart, my soul!