Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making an older man very happy aand blush!

I was recently asked out for a date by an older gentleman who found my profile on . I was a bit skeptical because he was very persistent about taking me out. He revealed very little information about himself at first. He wanted to take me out to dinner last Sunday, but I had to cancel for being over tired. He asked me to come for dinner tonight instead, as he did understand that had I met him that Sunday, I would not have been the best company. He told me not to worry that he pays even for the time just to have dinner. I thought I have nothing to lose by meeting him for dinner. He seemed like a lonely guy who just wanted the company of a beautiful young girl...specifically one with big tits and an nice big ass...ME! He let me choose the restaurant and I thought that was nice. I chose a place walking distance home, should I need to bolt out in a hurry. But I also chose a place I had been wanting to go since my ex first met me and promised to take me, but never did....Ethiopian!

I met him promptly at 6pm. his picture was a true image of himself. Just a very simple normal older man. He was still dressed from a uniform shirt. I was dressed very nice and I think it made him feel under dressed. But nonetheless, I got to introduce him to his first ethnic food in his whole 49 years. We talked in both German and English and I was quite proud of my ability to hold a conversation since I have been way out of practice. We ate a lovely meal and then he offered to drive me home. I accepted, because he seemed very nice and gentleman like. He made no attempts to talk about sex or anything other than normal conversation and treated me like a lady. In the car he handed me 100euro and asked if that was enough for the evening? I said of course it is. When we arrived to my place he asked if he could see me on Friday and I come to his place? He had hoped I did not disappoint him? I replied of course not and he didn't as I had no expectation other than an older man. I asked him how long he would like me on Friday and he responded 2 hours...he was an old man! I agreed to meet with him on Friday and knew it would not be horrible as this man will be a very happy man indeed. I do know that when he has his time with me on Friday....he will be blown away by the beauty that he already sees. He will enjoy the company and unless he takes will not be too exhausting. He is a very nice man from what I can see and I have a feeling he will want my companionship somewhat regularly. As I said good night I leaned over and gave him a nice peck on the lips and his face turned beet red and he said, wow you make me nervous! Very sweet and endearing! Thank you M

Part II

SO I met my guy again at the Schoenefeld airport at 2pm where he picked me up. I drove me to his small and quaint 1 bedroom apartment not 5 minutes away. He makes me a coffee and we sit and talk for a minute then he starts touching my tits. I said you want to see? He was like a little school boy mixed with a very happy golden retriever saying hello to his owner after being gone all day. He was all but howling when I got undressed. He quickly takes off his clothes and walks over to me and starts bouncing my breasts with his hands...up and down, up and down..then side to side..and then squeeze squeeze. Just happier than a pig in shit. Then he looks at my ass and repeats the same gestures with my ass. I grab the condom as he bends me over his couch and put it on blind. Poor guy really was out of shape and had not much offering in way of size, but s he was just beside himself in joy, I could not help bu be happy for him. He fucks me for all of 2 minutes and all the while making these animal noises and as he came...he was laughing hysterically. The closest I have ever come to experiencing this childlike behavior about sex, was when I was younger and took someone's virginity. But that is ok...I knew he thoroughly enjoyed himself and that made it worth it for me. He and I sat there on the couch as he calmed down and apologized for being so frenzie like and quick. I let him gaze upon my breasts as we talked about books...we share the same interests in reading material. Then he said, well I have another appointment at 3:30 we should go. Besides, I am an old man and I cn't do the hours of sex thing...this was what I needed! He said he would drive me where I needed to go. He handed me 150 euro for the 30 minutes I was with him...this was quite respectable considering the travel time alone to get to him was around 1 hour.

We got on the autobahn and as we were driving along, the police pulled him over for speeding. We end up following the police off into an area I was completely unfamiliar with. I could not believe how cordial the officers were. They did not approach my date with their cocks out ready for a pissing contest at all or with their hands on their guns like they would have in the US. In fact, I am not really sure if they had guns to begin with. They took his papers and went to the car to run the information. It seemed to take a longer time than usual, although I was not familiar with how this works in Germany. All I knew was that his speeding ticket was going to only be 30euro....pennies again compared to that in the US. I have never experienced a speeding ticket under $100 back home. In fact, with the amount of time it took to pull us over, talk to each other, run the papers, and for 2 police officers inside 1 BMW, I cannot see how a 30euro ticket would be worth the bother.

It turned out that there was something wrong with his license. I could overhear and understand what was being said. The cop asked if I could drive the car. My date said no, he had just picked me up from airport. At this point I got out of the car to smoke a cigarette. My date came over to me and told me that this was as far as he was going to be able to take me. He had to call employees to come pick him up and bring his car to where ever. I asked where the closest train station was and the cop pointed. SO I said good luck and hope your day gets better. He said, Aimmee I am so sorry for this and be sure you will get a great review on your profile and I will call you maybe next week or so!

After walking away I was still dumbfounded....if this was the US and there was something wrong with ones license...the cops would be putting cuffs on you and taking you off to jail, before they call a tow truck to impound the car. Then once all is sorted, you will have had to sit in jail and pay to get out and pay the ticket and pay for the towing and impound of the vehicle!!! And people ask me why I do not want to return to US, why I like Germany better?  Being treated with dignity and respect by police officers is a good start at the explanation. I would rather be a whore by choice in Berlin and screw men for money, than be a regularly screwed whore unbeknownst to the Man in the US.

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