Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Escort Berlin: My Favorite Partner :)

Most recently actually I had my favorite "partner". I will call him D. D responded to two of my most popular ads, Older Woman seeks Younger Man and Strap on fun. I found his pics very nice and they were not the usual cock shots at all. Although his response was short, it had a level of creativity worth replying back to. Plus, he was circumcised!!! :)

    for you have found!

    A young, good looking, athletic boy toy with short dark hair and dark brown eyes.

    All that is left for you to do is show him the way to the playfield and the games may begin!

    If you really need to know, here are some details: 25 years young, 1.83m / 70kg, circumcised and shaved. xoxo

I responded, So you have never been with an older woman before? Well I would think it would be a bit more enthusiastic than the run of the mill young girl who has no idea what she wants or how her body works. Here is the deal. I am a very sexy older woman, although I do not look like it. Maybe I have drank from the fountain of youth while living a lifetime of experiences! I would love to show you the ways of my world if you have interest. I am a fan of spontaneous sex outdoors, like in the park, against a fence, or a hot fuck in club. Or we can spend an evening physically getting to know how our bodies work together. I have no problem telling you how to pleasure me to show you my enthusiasm, meaning if you press the right buttons, a very sweet nectar is released. I am all yours for 75 euro an hour. Here is a pic of me as you provided one of yourself. I hope to hear from you again and we can make some arrangements to set it off!

    I was once having an experience with an older woman and hence looking forward to the next, as it really spices up things after having sex with girls of my age or slightly younger...

    wow you really are a sexy cougar and I'd love to see how you'd work our bodies to exhaustion, but I don't think that's going to happen this year as the holiday seasons left me with only little money and i have to wait for my paycheck in January ;)

    Are you into roleplay? That kind where you mime an authoritative figure and catch me doing something really bad, hence you'd have to punish me with an overdose of sex?

    What are your likes and dislikes in general?

    Love to hear from you! I just reread your mail and found the words "[...] a very sweet nectar is released." mostly intriguing! Does that mean you are a master of female ejaculation? It may sound foolish and infantile, but since I saw it in a movie once it turned me on so heavily I've been trying to make my female companions gush out their sweets ever since, but somehow they seem uncomfortable with that...

Thank you for your honest and very erotically encouraging responses! Yes, I am very aware of my "nectar sweet" talents and I quite enjoy using them ;-) I also know that most girls are either unable or too uncomfortable with themselves to tap into that resource. But I am not. I choose my clients carefully based on of course looks, gumption, ability to restrain themselves, and demeanor with me during our communications. I am very sorry to hear that you have been left with little financial resources after the holidays, but definitely you and I should talk more when you are prepared in January to procure my talents.

It is a quite hot experience to feel it splatter puts you in another realm! Although I am not into kinky sex, I love active sex and the secret to having this powerful and high extacy moment, has been neglected by most men. Not to sound like a feminist. But in my line of work, I see it over and over... my sex is merely an outlet rather than an opportunity. This is what makes me unique... I give the most exhilarating experience... if the guy could relinquish that control.

So we shall see ;-) 

    Oh we will see!

    Your  mature and eloquent response has just left me speechless and extremely aroused, I had to give in just now ^^

    I'm over excited for our meeting in January and wish you a very joyous new years eve!

Well I do hope I resonate with arousing hum...reverberating throughout your loins! I only can hope you can make it to meet me and we can explore all in detail!

    Ammiee, You really are making me loosing it if you keep on writing seductive mails, i still have work to do and cannot run around with a tent pitched in my pants ^^

    As soon as I can tell when the sails could be set for exploration you will hear me scream for you ;)

    I hope you did not forget about me, since our "meeting" is only three weeks away and I can't wait to feel your legs shaking; you gushing your hot juice all over me, while screaming at the top of your loungs and clinging your nails into my flesh!

    One thing I would like to ask, how familiar are you with role play?

Of course I have not forgotten about you! To answer your question, I am familiar with role playing. However, it is something that I only reserve for regular clients. It requires a trust and a familiarity that can only be acquired over time. I am sorry if this disappoints you. But as role playing really puts aside the persona of the individuals, it takes away from, rather than adding to, what I offer my clients....myself. If I am allowed to be myself, all is able to flow...unless all you want me to do is fake?

    Wow, that is the most honest, sincere and thought provoking answer I ever encountered, and it's making me feel infantile just to have asked.

    I cannot wait to meet the person rendering those ingenious observations and immerse into the self behind it!

 So when are we going to get together and make her flow?

From there, my darling D responded to yet another ad....Strap-on fun!! are going to stop when I beg you or don't stop even though I have tears in my eyes?

 So your interested in a little strap-on fun? Well here is how this will work. I will come to yours. You will invite me in. You will lead me to the place where you would like to be fucked. I will undress you and you will undress me and help me put on my my fucking tool and slip a 50euro in the belt. I will bend you over and gently glide my cock into your ass and then I will fuck you until you cum all over. I will get dressed and leave. Completely discrete,quick, and depending on you...painless! If you are interested email me back and we will schedule a time for me to conquer you.

    Evening Aimmee,

    how come everything you describe sounds alluring and seductive even though I'd never thought about wanting to do something like that?!

    You're really raising my expectations ;)

    Guess I'd be more comfortable if we start with something more familiar, where I'm also able to please a goddess like you!

    Do you have anything planned for Sa., 28th of Jan. around 6 pm? I'd love to finally meet you!

    Hi there Aimmee,

    you're welcome, and how more alluring can someone be?

    However I like to not have any images or expectations of how our time together will be or look like, for I am thoroughly convinced you are an extraordinarily passionate, sensual and highly empathic being.

    The notion of dying to oneself in the process of sexual joy with another woman is really what intrigues me.

    I somehow feel we will be able to achieve such a state once our warm bodies are rubbing their hot and sweating skin in unison in an seemingly everlasting flourish motion; your vagina muscles are clenching my member to the threshold of ecstasy; your nails digging deep into my back skin and your teeth stab into my shoulder while we try to catch our breath to the point of no control; diving into a space- and timeless state of bliss the moment you are gushing out your juice, all over our bodies, in a flood of seemingly everlasting joy!

    I am patiently waiting for our encounter...

Wow such an amazing description. I love words and a man that knows how to use them! I love how you can paint the picture so vividly of the most sought after moment of bliss, where 2 can become one as God. I think we could have an amazingly atomically mind blowing encounter together and I look forward to it as well. How long would you like for us to experience our godliness? I want to make sure I am completely prepared, body and soul for this!

    well I have to, if I want to be able to please you on every level perceiveable!

    I'm not sure if it would not be an unnecessary constraint to have our date timeboxed, is there a specific reason for you want to handle it this way? I would have thought it takes as long as it needs and escpecially in an endeavour like this it is not foreseeable how long it will take...

Sorry for the delay in response. I hope that there was no miscommunication on my part. As I am a very sensual, passionate, and adventurous lover...very real lover, I also require payment for my time. I do not wish to put any constraints on our endeavoring high...but all needs to be clear upfront...don't you think. So let me know if you still seek that level of intimacy with me and we shall make all the time we need!

    sorry my fault, i misread your mail and did not see you meant you charge 75 an hour, this puts everything in a different perspective... Well then i guess an hour would be enough for the first time, since I am not sure what to expect as I feel money is your primary objective...

Sorry you think that it is my primary objective! Maybe you should read my blog or if you would like to chat sometime over skype  (aimmee.dudevant) would better get to know what my objective is...not far from yours...the perspective and relativity is just slightly different. But I am real...and I am not doing this with any joe shmo that offers or is even willing to pay. I do it in search for something. Lets just see wht you think and go from there!

    Sure! I am not less intrigued, just more careful; but still sure that if what you described is real, it is worth every cent x infinity!

    What's the name of your blog; I'd love to read it and just added you on skype :)


    not just for the talk but also for making me feel really comfortable with the thought of finally meeting you!

    I try to reschedule for this week/weekend since I really can't run around with this giant tent between my legs any longer...

We rescheduled the date a week earlier. Our conversations on skype proved there was indeed an attraction and comfort ability with each other. He was cute, sweet, sexy, funny, and very very laid back. I knew we would have a great time together.

The day was approaching and in our conversation I asked him if he liked women to dress a certain way? He said, not really...usually when women dressed up in lingerie, it just didn't look right. They just couldn't pull it off. I told him I was thinking of wearing my corset for him, but that would have to see what mood I was in. Because it is true, I am a different person sometimes from day to day. Sometimes I feel introverted, social, silly, cute, sexy, studious...I had no idea what person was going to wake up that day. He had told me he got a contract for work and I was very excited for him, so I decided to bring a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Finally the day of our meeting. I was feeling sexy....score!!! I dared to wear my corset with fishnets and go for the more pin-up look underneath. I spent the day preparing myself..shaving, lotioning, manicuring, and fantasizing about him. When I left, I felt no nerves at all...I was very comfortable with the idea of having a really hot sexual encounter with him. When I arrived and saw him at the door, my heart jumped...he was so fucking hot in real life. He was taller than I thought, his thin beard was very nicely trimmed, he had beautiful skin, and his eyes had a deep glow. He invited me in and he had music going, the lights were dim and he was rolling a joint. His bed was nicely made, two wine glasses set out next to the bed next to a few fun toys along with the money. As I took my coat off, he looked at me and said, wow you are so much better looking in person. I mean you were hot online, but in! Flattery gets you everything! As I took off my shoes, he left to the kitchen and returned with a plate of mozzarella cheese drizzled with a balsamic reduction. He really is holding true to treating me like a goddess, I thought. 

We took some time to talk and let him finish his joint and he asked if we could get more comfortable? I said sure and stood up and took off my dress as I was looking forward to his reaction to my undergarments. He just sat there with his jaw to the ground and said, OMG! I did a turn around for him to see every angle of my body and then got down on  my knees before him. I told him to touch my corset and feel the tightness of it and explained to him it was made from whale bone and was not a cheep store bought piece. I had had this corset for almost 18 years and it still has kept its form. He loved running his hands along my waste and then to my ass. I asked if he wanted to take it off? He said, no leave it on, but lets take off the bra. Once my breasts were revealed he could do nothing to resist planting his face into my cleavage and sucking my nipples. He removed his shirt so I could feel his nice, youthful and cut body. We started kissing and touching each other and rolling around, until his belt got caught on my fishnets! I told him his pants must go and in did the fishnets. His cock was then planted naturally between my tits and I started to play with his cock, gently titty fucking him. He really had a beautiful circumcised favorite! It was not too big, but by no means small. Like goldy locks and her was just right. He pushed me back and started to lick and play with my pussy. She was so hungry for him the whole day, she got very wet, very quick. In the excitement of his fingers and tongue I started to squirt. He was blown away...his reaction was like a little school boy opening up his most desired present on Christmas....although Jewish!

His reaction to me and his touch stimulated my desires so deeply she just kept gushing. He moved his cock close to my pussy as he played with her and let her spew her sweet nectar all over him. He was in heaven and there was no hiding it. He leaned over to me and started kissing me and touching my breast and it was coming to the time when we both needed him inside me. He stopped to get the condom and in his excitement and with wet hands..he could not get the wrapper off fast enough. So I started sucking his cock...all I could hear was him say holy shit!

We got the wrapper off and he penetrated my pussy very easy with the wetness.. He felt so good inside me and the best part was hearing him breathing and moaning. He fucked me while looking into my eyes and then I flipped him over and started to ride him and came again, just before he finally exploded. The first, round did not last very long, but it was sweet as sugar. We took a break and sipped the wine and ate some cheese and of course, he rolled another joint. We talked about what ever..movies and music..and before we knew it, we were fucking again. This time he fucked me from behind and forward with my body raised to the air. We rolled around changing it up until we both climaxed. It was quite lovely, sitting there naked talking and touching, drinking wine and eating cheese. He told me he never really liked laying in bed naked with a woman chatting after sex, butt hat he was really liking it with me. He was relaxed and had no pressure. I enjoyed laying there with him too.  So much, I started playing with his nipples and nibbling on him and then started to suck his dick again...slow and deep and then we grabbed another condom and fucked again...I got on top of him and it was so easy to maneuver with him because of his thin body, I fucked the crap out of him and he came within minutes, but almost simultaneously. It was really a great time with him.

He was passionate, enthusiastic, comfortable and very hot. We started to talk about being hungry and  I said felafel and he was talking about eating something together the next time :) But, he ended up treating me to the best felafel I have had in Berlin thus far. A little whole in the wall Sudanese kebap shop near Schliessisches Tor.  As we parted ways, he reminded me that he wanted to see me again in the first week of February.

I am not sure if he knows how I look forward to that!?

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