Sunday, July 1, 2012

We are all whores!

"Get a real job you fucking filthy slut. I bet you couldn't handle that could you? Fucking stupid whore-keep spreading your legs for every Tom dick and Harry. You'll catch every STD in no time. Next thing you know you'll be laying on a gyn table with your legs spread getting cryotherapy for the hpv you contracted. You can get it through a condom by the way. This job will fuck you up mentally and emotionally in the long run. You'll hate men and probably become gay. Drugs-drink-you'll do it all eventually. Do yourself a favour and go back to school. 50 euro for your life is ridiculous!"

Thank you for your comments and citicisms...most welcome. Especially coming from someone who knows such big words! Cryotherapy, that is a nice 50 cent word thrown into the mix of abreviated words and thought processes.

You obviously have missed the point, but that is ok! Americans are norotious for being ignorant, not knowing how to read, and well critical thinking is especially a known handicap. You obviously stumbled upon my site looking for a whore, or better yet, some kind of fellatious stimulation based on the experience of others, as I am sure you have a problem finding it on your own.

Again, thank you for your critique, but I suggest next time before you raise your hand to ask the teacher a stupid question, read and try, just try to comprehend what you are reading first.

the very best

I still stand by the theory that many still have a moral repugnance for the utilization of a whore, prostitute, cortisan, escort, companion....what ever you would like to call it, but the simple fact is, if we weren't in demand, we would not exist. One may not for himself pay a whore for service that he may or may not otherwise receive, but by visiting my site and reading what I write, one does get off on the idea of, at the very least.

Is being a whore, my life long dream? Is it what I want to do for the rest of my life? No!
Whores, start 'em young!

Then why do I do it? Why did I become a whore? What will the repercussions be from be a whore...mentally and physically? Will I hate men in the end? Will I become a lesbian? Will I become an acloholic or drug addict, like the anonymous ignoratous previously assumed!? 

If anyone has been following my writing from the beginning, you know pretty much where I come from mentally and sexually and that these assumptions are absord and on many levels! We have already established my vast educational background, we have already established that, I only ever have safe sex and for the record, even when I am in a commited relationship, I have always used condoms. I cannot really turn into a lesbian simply because I have been living as a whore, as I lived as a lesbian for 6 years before starting this profession, (not to mention you are born gay, it is not a choice. If dislike, frustration, and misunderstanding of the opposite sex where a precursor to homsexuality, their would be no straight men left in this world.) and most importantly, I do what I do not just because I need to survive (writing does not pay well), but because I love doing it!

The simple fact is...I will admit, I do not trust men and if anything that my profession and life experience has tought me, is that my distrust for men is not completely unfounded. However, how I choose to view, cope, deal, utilize, or live with this knowledge is not reflectant in any way of hating men for this distrust. Distrust in my case, is my problem to own. I simply utilize and profit off of the fact that, most men will cheat and that men are creatures of nature and not societal constraints. So in the end, one cannot really hate men for this seemingly distatseful flaw, but rather hate how societal constraints limit men from performing properly based on biological and natural laws.
It is in societal constraints and personal expectations of relationships, marriage, and individual insecurity, mostly with women, that men are told to ignore their sexual desires, urges, and nature. So really, when a man I am on love with steps out and needs something at that moment, that I cannot or will not give him, how can I hate him for it? The societal constraints posed by Man, are set to assume that we are all the same, the same in thought processes, desires, beliefs, needs, etc. and they go against the very bilogical foundations of being human.

Is it fair to assume, that because a man utilizes the services of a whore, that the whore or himself has a higher chance of contracting an STD, than someone having sex for free? I do not think so. For me at least, as I cannot speak for other whores, but because I am in close physical contact with a higher rate of men, I am even more careful in respect to using condoms and practicing safe sex. Plus, explicitely, if a man is stepping out of his relationship with a whore, does he really want to get caught knocking up a prostitute or contracting a disease and giving it to his partner?  I also think that men who generally use the service of an escort have a better sense to use a condom, knowing in the back of their mind, that she is more frequently engaged with other sexual partners, compared to some who go out on the town, goes clubbing or drinking and partaking in the use of drugs, and end up in bed with a stranger. In this setting, being with an escort is much more controlled, not to mention here in Berlin, where prostitution is legal, our social medicine covers our frequent STD panels.

75% of my clients are married, 15% are single men who are too busy in their careers to go out and meet and maintain a proper relationship, based on societal constraints and expectations(at least they know their own limitations), while the remaining 10% are just regular guys wanting to have fun and explore or unable to find a girlfriend due to shyness, maybe not being attractive enough, or have some kind of flaw. Now you do the math! Is my general distrust for men unfounded?  Do I appear to hate men for acting on their natural instincts? I hope you answer yes to the first and no to the second. :)

What I do hate in men, is that when they do act upon these natural instincts, urges, and desires, that I myself do understand, they feel it is ok to act inapropriately. That they cannot control their actions enough with themselves to attain what they desire with gratitude and respect. Some men or boys, however you want to look at it, feel that women are only here to serve them sexually. The need to exercise gentlemenlike behavior and maintain a rational thought during the process is seemingly nonexistant. For example, when responding to an ad on Craigslist: A woman will post an ad, sexual or really does not matter, the majority of the respondances are a man sending nothing but a picture of their cock, or what I call a cock handshake. They take absolutely no time at all to actually read the ad, decide if it really appeals to them, nor do they take a moment to write something dignified or sincere, (even if it is false sincerity), to try and convince the woman why she should choose him or in this case, why this cock is better than the other 75 cocks! Men, by doing this....constantly shoving cocks in our faces only tells us 2 things about you: 1 that you are in fact only as good as your cock, and in most cases, they are not as brilliant as you would like to think they are,  2 that you have absolutely no respect for women and view them only as sex objects (free whores). 

Are women covered to hide their sexuality or sex from men? or is it a mark of mens' inability to view women as anything more than a sex object?

Putting it into this perspective, the men I have just described,  are many I am sad to say. For this reason alone, if I were just a regular girl, not a contracted sex worker, would I have a reason to hate men? So one could say, that the natural response for women to this mentality is to demand payment, if in fact they will be treated like a cum gargling whore anyway. At least from where stand, as an Escort, I choose my clients based on their capacity to maintain a coherent, thoughtful, and respectful inquiry to my services, while having little to no blood flow to the brain. I challenge all the men out their to give it a the end you may actually get what it is you desire!

Until I find the man I desire fully, who respects me, adores me, and wants to dedicate himself to me, within the boundaries and expectations I dictate for myself comes along, I will remain a whore, an escort...receiving the best moments each client can offer... keeping it real, one hour at a time!

I seriously invite my readers to comment and provide their own perspectives.