I hate My Girlfriend: Let's Fuck!!!

I Hate My Girlfriend…Let’s Fuck! Part 1

Responding to the ad on Craigslist, “ I hate my girlfriend, let’s fuck” sounded perfect at the time! I was still angry at my ex, Mio, and this guy in the ad seemed to be still a bit perturbed at his too. I was feeling a bit saucy and still had not had real sex with a real biological man in over 6 years. Sorry, to the 3 pump chump a month ago, you are not about to take credit for deflowering me after all those years. So after reading the ad, I responded...

“Sorry but I could not resist :) Not sure your situation other than the obvious stated.... but for me with the holidays coming around...I find the world a little strange and me strange in it....and it’s all my ex's fault! So why not send me a pic and I will send you one of myself. .maybe we could get together later tonight and spend the night fucking that pain away!!!”

In very little time at all, he got back to me and I saw his pictures, I was actually intimidated. He looked very aggressive. So I responded no further. Instead, I responded to another ad that seemed much more appealing...

SEXUCATION: I would love exploring your body and giving pleasure to you repeatedly and in different ways.

You love trying new things and can talk openly about sex and sexuality.

We both are free spirits, who rely on latex technology, rather than loyalty to protect ourselves and others.

Sounded great! So I responded with... “I would love to know more about you and to whom I am speaking. I am looking for some really good sexual companionship...I like the way you think so far…and would love to know more. Send me a pic and I will send you mine. Sorry, but I’m discreet as a woman. Let’s see if we can make this work!!!”

A few moments later I get a response:

“I'm the guy who hates his ex. Too bad you didn't like my photo. :)”

I could not respond, I was called out big time. But he continued to press me and I gave in. He said, "no response, or is this the 40th time we have spoken?" I finally gave in and replied...

“hahahhah! No not the 40th time...sounds like we are not so different! Posting different ads and maybe answering also! It is a guilty pleasure of mine to do this from time to time actually. Honestly, it was not because of disliking your pic...its honestly debating if I wanna follow through!!!! So which guy are you? The one who is absolutely pissed at ex or the guy who wants to explore and please? ;-)”

"Um. Both the posts are by me. So I am two men in one!", he replies.

Well I guess I could either assume you are the two faced mayor from nightmare before Christmas or you are a well-rounded man! Maybe good but gone bad....I will be honest...your picture seemed bit aggressive. So are you more the angry guy tonight or in general?”

I was sitting in my favorite café, Silver Future with my best friend Sarah as we were about to walk across the city to another café. For a while I had not gotten another reply. I found myself strangely curious and very horny. I though, I will go ahead and send him a dorky, yet cute picture of myself and just see.

“Awwwwe so no reply? Sad :( So I have to head out now and must sign off. Here is my pic....if you are serious and want to maybe get together later I will be Sonntags Club in Prenzlauerberg around 10/ 10:30...you wanna treat me to a beer and speak face to face....and see where it goes, I might be down for something. Later!

I managed to catch him one last time before I signed off and he asked for my number.

“Interesting feedback, he said. "I'm not angry but I often have a serious expression on my face.

Today I'm..... balanced, because I went to the gym earlier and am doing some chores. What about you?I didn't watch that movie by the way. Recommendable?”

He seemed interesting enough, so why not. I made it to the next cafe and I got a text from him saying he would meet me. I felt safe since I was amongst friends and in a gay bar. When he arrived...he was hot! He had severe beautiful blue grey eyes, a nice smile, good teeth, tall with a nice physique and he was charmingly arrogant with a morbid sense of humor and mannerism.

As we both sat in the café and chatted over a beer, we both agreed we looked better in person. It was so fucking on! I made my rounds and said goodbye to my friends and I left with him a few hours later. As we walked to the train station he humored me by letting me put lip gloss on his lips and was very responsive to my flirting. It was even hotter for me because he was 10 years my younger and he felt like my play toy.

We got to his place and he offered me vodka and some tea. As he heated the water for the tea he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me...much like my ex used to do and that made me hot. He turned the water off and guided me backwards through the hallway to his bedroom kissing me the entire length and pushed me on to the bed.

He left the room to fetch the tea telling me to stay right there and as he placed the tea next to the bed he told me to undress with a commanding voice. I was instantly aroused, but at the same time nervous as now the roles have been reversed. The sweet young boy allowing me to put make up on him, was already a thing of the past. I stood up and did as he asked. He undressed before me as well, very controlled and steady. He came to me and kissed me and pushed me down face first onto the bed. He came up behind me and started biting my neck and my arms. He gripped his teeth into the back of my neck like a momma dog carrying her young temporarily paralyzing me.

He moved and contorted my body the way he wanted raising me up on my knees from behind, teeth still in my neck. He reached around and started squeezing my tits, then flicking them with his fingers, and then he spun me around and started sucking and biting my tits. Half of my size D breast disappeared into his mouth. He started to lick, and nibble, and then bite all over my body. He grabbed a condom and tore off the wrapper with his teeth, spitting the end to the floor. He told me to turn over and put my ass up in the air and he shoved his cock inside me. It stung like hell and I was completely full from his large cock and he rammed himself in and out of me harder and harder, so hard I could feel his cock bottoming out inside. It hurt, but felt so good at the same time. I was finally being fucked by a real man. He flipped me around and fucked me every way possible and just as he was about to cum, his dick missed upon reentry and scraped across the opening of my pussy, tearing my flesh open. Blood was all over...

We stopped for some time as I recovered and then I still wanted more. In pain...I was still horny and scared of this guy all the same. But I liked his control, his stamina, and oddly enough...his strong body odor. After that, he continued to fuck me every way possible. We finished and we sat around and talked. He asked several intimate questions about sex and I disclosed all that he asked...willingly.

During the night, as I stayed, he would hold me and grab my arm to be held… but then when I would touch him randomly he would swat my hand away. Strange...very strange man this was. I had a hard time sleeping and around 9:30 I woke up and got my things and headed out. As I got to the street, I realized I forgot my glasses. I called him reluctantly, thinking he would not answer, but he actually did. He buzzed me back in and answered the door wearing nothing but an open robe and my glasses and said, “I couldn't find anything.” It was quite cute actually and he looked absolutely delectable...but I was so weirded out, I said, "cute!", grabbed my glasses and quickly left.

When I got home, I quickly went to shower and as I looked in the miroor, I saw my body and what he had done to it. I bruised from all the scratching, biting, and slapping and I was sore all over, it hurt to sit and wearing a bra was unbearable. I spent several hours that day thinking about things. I was really scared about what I was doing and how far I would go in trying to forget my ex, experiencing sex with men again, and my general thought processes.

I needed to talk to someone because I thought I was going down a very dark and scary path trying to feel again and also to numb the pain in my still broken heart. I talked to a friend, the FTM I had been fucking on and off, and I really think it weirded him out too, because after that conversation, he stopped talking to me.

Two days later, I get an email from this “strange” guy who had just fucked me in more ways than one, saying..."You left two items." I was really not sure if I wanted to see him again and it took me some time to think about what I could have left there. I didn’t remember leaving anything, was this just a ploy to get me back to his bed? I finally responded, "I suppose I did. Funny....So how might I retrieve them?". He said, "How about I come visit you tonight, bring your things, fuck you a bit and go home again? Said my horny self"... I was really taken aback by his forthrightness. I thought he was a dick and was not sure how to respond, so I played it cool!

"Hmmm... so you wanna fuck me again hah? You know...you and your horny self and all! J

No response?

“hmmm....my horny self wonders if you want this to be a regular thing?”

“What does your horny self think of that?"

"No promises", he responds.

“Something about you I like is your abrupt honesty. You are very weird! I can honestly say...my horny self says I would like for you to come and fuck me. However, my body today is completely shot and needs to recover from the other night.”

"I'll take it as two compliments. :)"

“So...you really enjoy breaking women in half ha? But you have a problem with blood...hmmm! What if I said I would maybe like for you to fuck me again, but maybe a little less rough? As I do tend to like to wear bras and be able to move somewhat the next day!! :)”

"I can try. :)", he said.

“That would be a very nice balance....says my very horny self! :)
I would like to get to know you sexually...I think the sex can get explosive and I like to get high from my sex...you have proven your stamina and your dominance. I would like to be able to open myself up more....trust more…take more...give more...this is why I ask if you would maybe be interested in fucking each other rather regularly... no strings attached just fucking to get high and working out frustration. It seems we both have a very high sex drive..... my nipples get hard thinking about it! :)”

„churp churp......no reply?

Also...bin ich zu verstehen...deine geile seblst mag es nicht zu hören wie die sexuelle Unsinn einer geilen älteren Frau? Du könntest mir wenigstens amuesieren. ich bin gelangweilt und sehr horny. ;-)“

"There you go, Ma'am."

OMG, he did not just call me Ma’am. Attached to his sinister remark, he sent me a hand-made application for "Regular Lover". It was an altered application for Studentenwerks' for flat renting in Germany for foreign students. I honestly did not know how to take this. Was he telling me to beat off and find a regular lover somewhere else or was he just being funny? I thought about it for a while...I had an idea as I had started my period and I knew his response to blood was not pleasant...maybe I could get him back for what he did to me. Let's see how this plays out, I thought.

“So....you can do as you please....come by, bring me my two items, fuck me and go home”.

"What about your body having to rest?!

Where do you live?"

We continued our communication via text message. I was really thinking he was crazy and a complete asshole. My friend Sarah and I decided to walk about 7km to our favorite Tuesday hangout, Sonntags Club, once again. Our route would take us through is neighborhood. As we approached the area near where he lived, I texted him suggesting that I just meet him to get my things. He called me back within 10 minutes. He said he would meet me where ever I was going. I was really nervous, because I didn't know how he would be...aggressive maybe? Not sure. Would he just come in and throw me my things and make a scene? Either way I felt I was safe meeting him at the cafe. When he arrived, he came in with a smile and gave me a hug. Then he opened his bag pulled out my things, his laptop, (we had ours open at the time), and then a strange fruit. He handed me the fruit and said here is your x-mas present.

I was completely bewildered by his demeanor. It was sweet and innocent and not what I had expected. He then opened his laptop and logged in. He opened a game up and handed me his computer to play. It was a cute little 2-D type game. I was not used to using the arrow and ctrl keys for game playing, so I was having a hard time operating the avatar. But, it was a fun cute little game and I enjoyed him sharing it...evidently it was what he does. He and group of guys decided to create a game and he was sharing with me the beginning stages of it.

I thought it was very curious and sweet that he would come in and share this with me. Maybe he was not the asshole I thought he was and I just misunderstood his forward, morbid, and arrogant behavior. We hung out for a while and then he said, “so to your place?”

I was shocked he still wanted to fuck again. I told him the rules of my house and that I don't usually bring men there. But that if he wanted to join me at my place, he would number one, have to sit while peeing and two, we would have to be quiet. He then said, “ok my place it is!!”

It was raining cats and dogs at this point, so he pulled out his umbrella and covered me with it and gave me his arm...again quite curious...intriguing. I did not know what to think about this guy, but I was slowly regretting wanting to fuck with him on my period. We get to his place and there I tell him, I started my period. He said, “we will figure something out.” He made tea like last time and then took a seat on the bed against the wall and told me to sit in his lap with my back to him and to take off my shirt.

I did what he asked and he reached around and started playing hard with my breasts. Bending, squeezing, flicking, and slapping them. It was painful, but it turned me on. Then he said sit up and move back more, you are not rubbing against my dick hard enough. I loved how commanding he was and I was completely ok with being his little play thing. Then he got up without saying a word. He started to play around at his desk. He started to strip down nonchalantly and all the while I could not stop looking at him. He had the perfect male form, the perfect proportions, and distribution of hair, very sexy. Then he placed a blanket on the top of the desk and told me to get up and get naked. I said, “do you plan on breaking your desk with me on it?” He said, “no...I am just planning on breaking you. Now get over here, bend over with your elbows on the desk.”

I did what he commanded and then he blind folded me. He smacked my ass and scratched my back and shoved his cock inside me and started to rail me. It was intense in the dark, I could feel him fill me and feel him bottom out in my pussy. It hurt so fucking good. Then he stopped abruptly and started fidgeting around in the room. Then all of a sudden, I felt something else being inserted inside me. He started to spin it around and then fucked me hard with it; he alternated between shoving this foreign object inside me and shoving his cock inside me. He asked if I would suck his cock....I said, “no.” I was not ready for this experience with a man yet. He said, “ok and stopped and then disappeared from the room. As he left, he told me to stay there. A few minutes went by and nothing. Then he said, “you can move.”  He grabbed some tea from the kitchen and brought another chair over to the heater, where for the next several hours we spent talking. He turned out to be a very charming and interestingly strange person. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

Continued affair

After these two meetings with each other we started meeting up more frequently and having about 4-6 rounds of sex each time. Each visit would peek my attention for a different reason. Sometimes he would be playful...I would go and make him some tea in the kitchen and I would return to the room with him sitting on my bed in my robe and my glasses with his legs crossed waiting for me .We would meet at least twice a week, whether to hang out in the cafe or just to fuck. One time we came home to make a salad after sitting in the cafe and while in the kitchen he bent me over the counter. He put his arm in my mouth to clamp down on to silence me as he fucked me. On New Years day he came over and told me how he walked around the city and recorded the sounds of all the fireworks and bombs going off. He placed the recording device as if to share with me his experience, but he didn't, not before he shoved his cock in my mouth. After 2 rounds of fucking back to back he grabbed the device and started to play on the computer. Next thing I hear is us fucking. We didn't make it through the first listen before he smacked my ass, shoved my face into the bed and held me down and started to fuck me from behind. As we fucked I could hear me in the background, but I could not see anything. He turned me over and started to slap his penis on my pussy and I just exploded all over him.

He has continued to be very rough with me and the more time I spend with him, the more and more I crave it. He loves playing hard with my tits. If we are out together and there is any cleavage showing he always makes it a point to look at my tits and make a comment. He always grabs, squeezes, nibbles, bites, twists, and smacks my tits...and hard. It hurts, but I like it. One day he was in a bad mood and was sitting on my couch fuming. So I just took off my blouse and my bra and shoved my tits in his face…smacking them from side to side across his face. He seemed happy for the moment. Then I walked away and sat on the bed across from him and looked at him. He said to me, "smack me." So I got up slowly, walked over to him and looked him directly in the eye and smacked him across the face. He grunted like he does when he cums, stood up, undressed, took out the condom, and tor open the wrapper with his teeth, lifted my skirt, bent me over and fucked me….then he left.

Dear Father, it has been 2 weeks and 3 days since my last confession. I have sinned once again. Fucking really loud in the middle of the night, disrupting my neighbors, possibly causing them to start fucking and disrupting their neighbors....I think I was responsible for the mass orgy that broke out last night in my neighborhood! But I could not help myself father. My lover had been away for a few weeks and all that sexual tension and desire for anal sex got the best of me....of us.

What should I have done? He called me at 2am asking to come over. I was tired and it was late, maybe I should have said no. But the moment I heard his voice again, my pussy started to pulsate and I could not think straight. I said, yes...please do. He arrived at my door a little over an hour later. He walked in and I could see his beautiful lustful grey blue eyes, even in the dark hallway. He put his bags down and went to the toilet, as a good man would to wash his hands! He returned to my room completely naked and his cock standing at attention. His perfect masculine body standing before me...desiring to fuck me made me wet. He placed his laptop before the bed and looped his favorite porn for us to have as background setting. He pulled my clothes off and immediately started finger fucking my pussy and I unleashed an orgasm almost instantly. He flipped me around, bent me over, pushed my face into the bed....I fought back with squirming, smacking, and clawing and he would just pull me back to him. He would grunt and bite me as I knew he hungered for me. He then reached for the condom and put it on and shoved his cock into my pussy and rammed himself over and over...oh father...his cock felt so good inside me...I could not breath...I kept cumming and cumming.

I climbed on top of him and put my hand over his face and then his neck while riding him faster and harder. He loves the way his cock hits the back of my pussy and it always makes him cock his head back in ecstasy. He started to breathe harder and look me in the eyes and smile and then when we look at each other too long, he will smack me across the face. Then he holds me up grasping at my tits and smacking them. I love his abuse, his unbridled desire. It brings out the animal in me and I scrape and scratch at his skin making my mark upon his neck and chest. He flips me over and fucks me from behind....harder, faster, harder, faster and then slow deep thrusts while spreading my ass apart. I cannot stop cumming and howling. Between the bed and my screams the neighbors were getting restless and started pounding on the walls. Then I heard my roommate get up and wander the house. The need to be quiet in that moment brought on a heavy deep guttural release into the pillow...he fucked me harder and harder and I could feel his cock get bigger and harder, then his grasp on my hips grew tighter and sharper and then he let out a loud grunting sigh and he collapsed beside me.

We were both out of breath and still completely turned on. Father...the porn before us did not help the situation. We watched as we regained our strength, lying in the puddle of my cum together. He pointed out the themes and observations of his porn collection....very few men in view and all were anal. Watching this stimulated my desire for him to be inside my ass. I asked him to fuck me again. He was already hard before I could say a word...he tried to shove his cock in my mouth and even though I desired to suck his cock, I would not give in. He started to slap my face with it; he grabbed my head and tilted it back so he could see my face. But I kept my mouth shut for him to fight for it. He wedged his fingers into my mouth propping it open and then he shoved his cock into my mouth. At that moment I could not resist any longer. Father, I must confess....I never loved a cock in my mouth so much. I sucked him and deep throated him and I loved it. He pulled my head back by my hair in mid thrust and my mouth open and he spit in my mouth. Then he ripped open the condom wrapper with his teeth and put it on. He bent me over and began to insert his cock into my ass. It was a little too rough and I howled in pain and pulled away. He sat back submissively and said, "I am so sorry, I did not mean to hurt you, you know that right?" His tenderness at that moment made my pain go away. I kissed him and told him, “I know!”

I started to stroke his cock to bring him back to life. Rubbing my tits against him then turning around and rubbing my ass on his cock. This time I took control of the insertion. Slowly twirling my ass in small circles to stimulate and also to relax, slowly he would go in deeper and deeper, once he was finally inside my ass completely, I could feel a bulge of tension from his cock. He started to glide in and out, nice and slow working it out. Then once I was relaxed and open I told him to fuck me harder. He did, but he paid special attention to not fuck my ass as he does my pussy. But I told him harder and faster and he followed direction and father....I must say....I love his cock in my ass too. I think I have a problem. He only fucked my ass for a few minutes before he could not control his orgasm. My lover is not the after sex cuddling type, so he got up washed his hands and penis and returned. As we sat there and I smoked a cigarette, I think we had really upset the neighbors, even after the second round they were pounding the walls again.

He returned to the bedroom and we watched the porn a while longer and critiqued it, when all of a sudden he grabbed me by my hair, pulled me off the bed, and directed me through my hallway to the living room. He shoved me over the couch and rammed his cock inside me and fucked me this way for a while, with his cock still inside me he directed me over to the middle of the living room and as we stood before the great mirror hanging on the wall, he fucked me some more. Then he threw me down on the living room floor and finished his lesson in fucking quietly as my face was held down to the carpet. We had to be quiet, as the living room was next door to my roommate’s room and although it would not be good for her to walk out and see this beautiful young man fucking me in her living room, the thought of being caught was erotic and added to the excitement of what we had just done.

We returned to the bedroom and I gave him a massage in front of the mirror and then smoked a cigarette. We talked for some time all the while I was getting hungrier and hungrier for his cock inside me again. So, I asked him to fuck me in the ass once more. He is an amazingly good lover and is able to go over and over again and in this night, we fucked 6 times....FATHER.... I love his cock in my mouth, I love him drilling my pussy hard, I love him in my ass, I love his stamina and animal desire and creativity, I love all the bruises and marks he leaves behind....will I go to hell?

It is amazing how women get so horny while they are on their period. I wonder why this is? I guess I am no different. For years, even when I was with women, I would get horny on my period, but now that I am in my mid-thirties, I am hornier than ever. Sadly, my lover has an aversion to blood, so I must wait through several days of horniness before I see him. Do not think I did not ask him to fuck me, because I did. I wanted to throw him against the wall when he arrived and fuck him throughout the house....me in control this time.....but sadly his response was....."no can do". :( So a few days later I sent him my newest pictures to view in hopes to entice him.

Mr. Strange: you did send me those but I did not reply yet

how about I come over for a quick fuck soon?

maybe not quick

we'd see

me: how is it you read my mind

Mr. Strange: i'll write when I'm on my way (10 m away) or if you're offline I'll just ring

me: ok

I was feeling quite saucy and even though I knew he cared very little for lingerie or sexy underwear, I decided I wanted to wear something sexy for him and greet him at the door in nothing but....this was to be the first time I ever greeted him in such a way. He makes me so hot, I cannot help myself. Contrary to his thoughts on lingerie.....his response was not what I had expected. He seemed to be very turned on by it, as the front door was not even shut before his lips were on mine and his hand was down my panties. He pushed himself against me right there in the entrance hall...backpack still on, jacket still on....he put his face in my cleavage and started immediately sucking, squeezing, and tweeking at my tits and nipples. Then he put his fingers between my lips and kissed me. He ran his fingers down my body and with one hand he grabbed my ass cheek spreading me just a bit and with the other hand he played with my pussy. I without hesitation started to cum immediately....my cum slowly started to trickle down my leg and splatter on the floor forming a puddle at my feet. Him feeling this instant response, he then grabbed me harder inserted his fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me ever so hard. The sound of my pussy juices swishing with each penetration of his finger echoed in the entrance with still an open door for all to see, turned the moment into a complete water works spectacle!

Quickly he grabbed me by my arm forcing it behind my back and pushed me through my bedroom door and then threw me onto the bed. He threw me down on my knees and told me to stay. He quickly disrobed and I could hear the condom wrapper rip open. He then took the wrapper edge and began to scratch my back with it....then he fumbled around with my toy box...knocking it to the ground, when I heard the lube squirt and felt it on my ass. He slowly shoved his cock into my ass and began to fuck me hard. This time he moved himself around and fucked me from different angles. I fucking loved it. I love giving myself to him...he is so fucking sexy, commanding, and perfect and for me offering my ass to him felt so intimate, dirty, and spoiling. His fucking me did not last long, as we had been without for several days and I could not wait to hear him cum...his deep animalistic grunt instantly sets my pussy into overflow!.

After our quick fuck session, we sat around and talked for some time and watched some Dave Chapelle and laughed together. As we talk, laugh, and watch the TV, he plays with my pussy, just keeping himself and hands busy, but his touch turns me on so much, he kept making me cum. Then he really started to play with me...I was already wet as hell and he started to finger me harder and harder....with more and more fingers. He pushed it and pushed it, this time trying to fist me. It felt good feeling him fill me with his hand, but I could feel my pussy tearing open. I squirmed and screamed in agony and bliss on the verge of complete tears telling him no. All he said was, “sshhhhh.” This telling me to ssshhhh, made it more uncomfortable than what I was ok with. Something triggered in my mind that reverted back to being raped as a young girl and several years back with my old boyfriend, when I was struggling and crying and saying stop to no avail. My pussy started to tense up, thus making it hurt more. But then I remembered it was him, not the other men....and I began to loosen up and go with it. He grabbed the lube and squirted it on my pussy, he was determined to get his extremely large hand inside me and push me further than ever. I would never do this or allow this with another, especially with a client... But, I wanted to give it to him, just like I gave him my ass and my mouth. I wanted to give him everything. I knew how much it aroused him. I loved hearing him grunt and encourage me with little verbal responses like, that's good, that's a good girl. It turned me on and somehow, it made the pain go away enough for me to relax. The more I squirmed and revolted, the harder he pushed...I needed him inside me, I wanted him inside me, I wanted him to conquer me.....and he did. For me, it was not just about the sex, but more about becoming comfortable with myself and most of all, learning to trust a man again. The more I could let go, the more pleasure I could feel with men again.

I laid there in bed with my pussy swollen in ecstasy; I also felt an enormous amount of throbbing pain. I felt like I had just given birth and the only thing I could think was....I need a fucking cigarette and for him to fuck me again. He went to the toilet to clean up and came back and told me to lie face down on the bed and he gave me a massage. This was his way of being intimate...he substitutes post coital kissing and cuddling or good bye kissing with a massage. It is quite endearing in a way...it in no way replaces intimacy of eye contact and feeling another’s body so close to yours, but it is sincere and it is his way....I love it! He is anything but cliché, anything but normal, he is a creative and vigorous and passionate lover and nothing more.

We lay in bed watching more Dave Chapelle shows online as we fall asleep. I woke up the next morning to see him lying there sleeping soundly and at peace. I get into the shower and start my usual routine and prepare to meet a client for a weekend date. I make my coffee, open my email, light a cigarette and begin to read. The moment I turned on the light, he woke. I put the cover over his head so the light wouldn't bother him, but he threw it off. Then because of the smoke of my cigarette and him not being a smoker, I put the cover back over his face....but it was not fast enough...the smoke roweled him to his feet. As he stood naked in the middle of my room, he had a very grumpy and confused look on his face.

He stood before me naked, with his beautiful body, cock, and swollen morning face and red eyes. I am unclear as to what happened from there, but I only know his cock was in my mouth.....God I love sucking his cock...I love him standing before me and shoving it in my mouth and looking in the mirror beside us and watching me suck his cock. Then he grabbed my little dildo and bent me over and started fucking my ass with the dildo and finger fucking my pussy hard. He reached for a condom...letting go of the dildo and the next thing I know the dildo was then sucked up into my ass. I tried to get it, but it was gone. All I could feel was the vibration in my ass. I started to laugh and he with me....I remember thinking how much I love it when one can laugh during sex. His face was so sweet, but all the while focused on still fucking me. He grabbed my ass and put it in the air and shoved his cock hard into my pussy and started fucking me. I cannot describe how good it felt having the dildo in my ass and his cock in my pussy, it appeared to feel good to him, because he made more noise than usual and came very fast. Every time, he will be fucking me fast and hard and then when he is about to cum, I can feel his cock become more engorged; he slows is tempo and with thrust two or three slow but hard thrusts, he grunts, shakes, and explodes. This sensation always makes me cum. After we were finished, I ran directly to the toilet to fish out my M.I.A. dildo from my ass. After a few pushes, I rebirthed my second of my duo and was quite relieved.

The End of the Affair

My pussy was still hurting almost a week later. But, I enjoy seeing his marks and feeling his residuals of friendly fire on and in my body. Several days later I texted him asking if he wanted to fuck again..... Sadly he said, he no longer desires me, he doesn't know why, but he doesn't want to fuck me anymore......

me: pussy still little brocken

Mr. Strange: :)

me: i know you are so proud of yourself


Mr. Strange so so proud

me: want to fuck later?

Mr. Strange later?

not today, no

i feel like I need a break from having sex with you

ready for some thow up conversation?

Throw up

me: ok...what throw up conversation?

may I ask why?

Mr. Strange well me telling my psychological salad after having devoured it

I feel empty while having sex with you

(with you) might also mean (in general)

i don't know because I haven't had sex with anybody else recently

me: hmmm

well...are you looking to feel something?

Mr. Strange desire

and perhaps love, of which I think I told you I feel during sex but not outside of sex

I think that my psyche might have had too much contact with yours for its good and that my desire for sexual satisfaction didn't allow it to take brakes

but I have no fucking idea


and I start remembering the girl I had sex with who owned the flat before I moved here

she told me that she had stress because of the things she let me do with her

those things are were hard sex and hard anal sex. nothing much. less slapping than with you by the way.

but I remember absolutely that I felt a similar more-and-more-empty with her

and I became rougher with her while sex

and partially I disgusted mysefl

and with you I disgust myself as well a bit

why I don't really know yet

me: hmmm

i can have an idea

you seek this momentary bond

but you have this dark side to you

this desire

Mr. Strange not sure which is which you mean

me: the type of sex you project is very hard and very dark

this keeps you from getting too close

Mr. Strange i don't know..

me: but at the same time you still desire some intimacy

Mr. Strange the one lately yes

me: but you keep fucking the way you do

Mr. Strange my image of the sex we had in the beginning seems animalistic ... hm

i probably delude myself (/me goes look up that word)

me: it is hard for someone to see anything further

it is all animalistic

Mr. Strange yes..

i think to myself that I lose interest because I know your body now

or believe to know

is this why I push further/harder?

me: have you thought about pushing harder in another way

Mr. Strange what do you mean?

me: there is a whole other side to me you have never seen

Mr. Strange the domina?

me: i have been very submissive with you

not domina


but I closed the other sides to me off from you completely

Mr. Strange mistress then

why is that

and what are they?

me: there is an aspect to letting me be more in control


but there is a whole realm to fucking without being so animalistic

the way you fuck me...you have not begun to know me

Mr. Strange your body

me: I have a very passionate side to me

and I have never been in control with our sex

you always dictate

not that i have a problem with that

but it tends to be the same

and no

you have not begun to know my body

me: you claim to not want emotions

but clearly sex is an act of pure and raw emotion

and I gave you what you wanted

Mr. Strange you sure did

me: but I think what you desire is someone to penetrate

what you outwardly believe you want

but you put up a serious fight to keep that from happening

Mr. Strange penetrate what I outwardly believe I want?

me: I noticed you stopped kissing me

you say to yourself you want no emotion/ connection

Mr. Strange that might have been part due to the swore on my mouth or whatever it was ;)

me: therefore that is what you get


Mr. Strange I don't see me in control of many things

me: but in your sex…you are always in control

not the other way around

if you submit in anyway

that person can penetrate you

i always went along with your way

Mr. Strange what do you mean by penetrate other than anal?

me: it was safer for you

it was safer for me


penetrate your wall silly

you never let me seduce you

you never licked me or tasted me

there were a lot of things you chose not to learn about me

i am not holding it against you btw

One thing I did miss...was when you kissed me during sex

Mr. Strange yes

me: when you looked over me

and kissed me

in those moments it was very passionate

and it wasn't needed beyond that for me

but I am sorry to hear you have lost the desire for me

but all things come to an end

i suppose

but I always desired you as you were

and every time i learned more

Mr. Strange you're too flattering

me: the more i desired

but people are different

its not me flattering you

you speak truths to me and that is the one quality

i admire in you the most

you have hurt me more than once

but i do not allow it to take me over

i enjoy learning about someone

that is why i do not like having one night stands

i also at the same time get the thrill of fucking someone new

but i did things with you..i would never do with anyone else

and for that...that means there is a whole lot of me that you have never known

Mr. Strange i get it


"yo think yo know me but yo dont know me, bitch"

me: WHAT??

Mr. Strange YEAH

me: lol

I do not take anything personally

nor will i beg you to desire me

but i do hope that we can continue to be friends

Mr. Strange let's try

me: let's try?

you either want to or not


Mr. Strange yepp

let's try mean I want

me: good then

well have fun with your car sounds project!!!

me: just so you know...I do the same thing!

Mr. Strange: ?

me: why do you think I am a whore?

Mr. Strange wat

me: I do what I do because I only seek that momentary feeling of love

without getting emotionally attached

Mr. Strange: ah

i missed the "I"

me: plus..I have gone through my life believing that sex is all that guys want

and surely enough... they do not see beyond that

it makes it easier to not have any expectation

you thought i called you a whore?

Mr. Strange no i thought you suggested i do the same thing (whatever 'thing' is) :)

me: hahah

you should!

you would be good at it!

Several hours later I responded further.

me: I just want to say...now that I have processed everything...how hurt I really am. It has taken me so long to trust someone and open up parts of me I hadn't in over a decade. I appreciate your honesty...I do. It just sucks that the moment I begin to open...you close. There were so many things that I wanted to try with you, as I became more comfortable with you. And to hear that the desire that awakened in me for you created an opposite effect in you... it just really fucking sucks. I burry my feelings, because I do not want to feel anything for anyone, but I really enjoyed you, your sex, your company, and just being without expectation. Don't take it as flattery or feelings of love, it is not that. I just liked having someone I could trust with my being and with my body. So, in my avoidance of emotion, I have failed. But beyond this message..you will never see it.

It felt good to be close to someone, just enough to not be too close.

I knew my now ex-lover and I would still remain friends. As I have always said, I respect most of all, the honesty in communication. Although, my heart appears to be impenetrable to love at the moment, Mr. Strange is the closest I have allowed someone to it...my lover had a good bit of it, but never in its entirety. It was probably a good time for me to stop my relation with him before my heart opened more and to leave that mystery there. He is a good man and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. I look forward to seeing how we are as friends.

What? Really? Hah?

I guess I am desirable after all!! The man who has consistently for the last few months, been able to sweep me off my feet and onto my back and on all fours has made his way back to my bed once again! I guess just being friends and keeping a safe distance for over 2 weeks took its toll on understanding our mutual desire for each other.

We decided to cook together...as friends. It was fantastic! I mean dinner ;-) We went shopping together to get all the ingredients and all the while, my Mr. Strange was a complete gentleman and would not let me carry my own purse. (I only mention this because just when a woman thinks chivalry is dead, even the strangest of men and man with an agenda can still behave in a gentleman like manner) He was surprisingly in fun and playful and smiley mood. I noticed him checking out the ladies and I knew his sexual desire was eating him up from inside, as he made note that he was horny. It was unusually warm so I unbuttoned my coat and the moment the small amount of cleavage was exposed, he stopped in mid-sentence and took notice.... I love it when he watches me! We went on to my house to cook together and eat an amazing dinner. We went back to my room and hung out, watching Dave Chapelle and playing video games together. I noticed his hair was growing over his ears and it was making me crazy, so he allowed me to trim his hair. Being so close, I could smell his scent once again and it turned me on. But I behaved myself, I was not going to try and seduce him and have him deny me. Then while he was playing his game I started to massage his back. I suppose he enjoyed it as he took off his shirt...saying please...give me more. The more I touched him, the more I smelled him, the more I wanted him inside me. But nothing happened :(

We cuddled in bed playing video games and then started talking about the people we had been talking to or who we had been fucking. For him, he is trying to find someone else to have sex with...which I encourage and even offered to help him with. I honestly don't understand why it is so hard for him to get what he wants, because to me, he is a beautiful man. But I guess for how much a passionate and powerful lover he is, he is also equally shy. But, as we spoke about this girl he was talking to, the subject of him watching me be with this girl came up and well....the next thing, he puts his computer to the side, jumps up and takes off his clothes and dives on top of me and starts kissing me passionately. The type of kiss I had not felt from him since the beginning...He takes his time and feels my body and continues to devour my kisses. He played with my tits tenderly and slowly begins to expose my body. So heated was this moment our bodies became enveloped in one another. He played my body like a musical instrument. He touched, squeezed, and penetrated me and all the while I could hear his arousal in his breathing and in his talking. His fingers inside me turned into his hand. I tried to resist cumming because I had a client the next day that requested my squirting capabilities and I did not want to be empty. But the more I tried to resist, the pressure built up and I exploded all over his hand making it easy for him to slide his fist inside me. But it wasn't like before, as it happened so naturally and so passionately. He was looking in my eyes, he was kissing me, and telling me how much it turned him on.

As my body was juxtaposed around his, I managed to wrap myself around him in a way to put his cock in my mouth. After I started sucking I looked at him and told him how much I wanted his cock in my mouth the entire night. I took his long cock deep into my throat and massaged it with my gullet. He has such a beautiful cock and I worshiped it like it was my god! After he could not handle it any longer he ripped open a condom and put it on. He was sitting on his knees and I just climbed atop him and road him. He held me tightly clenched to his body kissing me and then we both watched ourselves fucking each other in the large mirror beside us. He whispered in my ear that he loves the way I suck his cock. Then he changed our position so he would be on his back and me facing the mirror riding him. He loves it when I ride him, because he can feel his cock deep inside. I cum so hard whenever I ride him. He feels so good and I love watching his face and seeing him feeling so much. After I came twice, he flipped me over and started to fuck me from behind. He played with my hair and equally as much pulling it. He touched my face softly, all the while thrusting himself as deep as he could inside me, until we both came together.

After taking a break and just talking and touching,  he asks if I want him to fuck me in the ass. I told him I would need to go and clean myself out first. Then he asks me to suck his cock again… how could I resist? I started sucking slow and deep, but his penis was so sensitive, he asked me not to deepthroat. Then he grabs some condoms and bends my hands behind my back and leads me through the house to the bathroom. We get outside the door and then he puts his finger inside me and pulls me from my pussy into the bathroom he bends me over the sink, where he starts fucking me from behind. He pulls my head back with my hair so I can look him straight in the eyes as he fucks me. His eyes are so fucking sexy when he is aroused and shoving his cock in me. Then he starts in on my ass. He enters and all of a sudden the burn starts and I stand straight up on my toes in pain and yelp begging him to get some lube. We move about the bathroom with him guiding me with his cock still inside my ass and he reaches over to the counter and grabs the first bottle of lotion he sees and squirts it on my asshole. His cock then easily goes into my ass and he begins to fill me hard and deep, so aroused my nipples get hard. I can't scream or moan because my roommate is just in the room next to the toilet. As I keep watching his face as a fucks me, it turns me on to the point where he makes me cum. My juices flowed down my thighs, calves, over my feet and onto the floor. Even as he came...he could not completely withhold his orgasmic grunts.

We return to bed and play more video games and I say to him...."I told myself I would not have sex with you tonight”....he responds...”I said the same thing!" I asked him if the sex was empty for him this time? He said, "no definitely not or else he would not have kissed me so much." He holds me and massages me and we just hangout. Later in the night I touch his cock and get him hard again. I began to suck his cock, but this time he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He only asked, because he knows I never do this, not with private lovers or paid clients. I thought about it for a minute and given the level of intimacy I had experienced with him again, I told him yes....We always use protection and therefore I have never felt his cum on me….I never experiences his seed. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to taste him....I want to do everything I can sexually with him. I have no boundaries with him and this was no exception. I continued to suck his big beautiful cock, tenderly and steady until climax. His cum was sweet and the consistency was perfect and for the first time ever, I swallowed. Later he told me he felt guilty for doing it, because he knows I don't ever do that and he did not want to disrespect me. But I guess he doesn't understand or he doesn't want to admit to himself that I give myself to him... too much pressure for him I suppose and I can understand that.

We continued to play video games and watch shows in bed and then I fell asleep in his arms. The entire night we held each other and it felt so good to have him there.....he is a personal radiator for me during the cold winter nights! ;-) When we woke in the morning his cock was rock hard and, well, one could guess what had to be done. I love morning sex! .it is the best way to start the day. We lay in bed the entire morning until midafternoon. He played his video games and I snoozed, watched my shows and then prepared for my date that evening, until it was time for him to go. His demeanor had changed to quiet and introverted again, not sure why, but that is him...Mr. Strange! He is the way he is and nothing less. We stood in kitchen to pack up the unused ingredients for him to take home and he said next time it is my treat and we will cook at my place. I do look forward to cooking with him again!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. You have a beautiful way with words and the genuinity is so clear, every emotion was felt from lust, to fear to sadness.

    I actually found this whilst in Craigslist and thought I would have a look. Glad I did.

    1. Thank you Brownout...I am really glad you visited and also enjoyed the read. This story in particular was very close to me. If you ever have questions or want me to write about something in particular...feel free!!! kisses Aimmee

  2. O M G . wow nice blog thanks for sharing . by this i got some new ideas thanks .

  3. Really nice read, heartfelt and genuine.. Been in Berlin for a year now, and tricky love life it is...
    I hope we both find what we are looking for :)...