Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its raining men.......everywhere but in my bedroom!!

I had a week of back to back bookings and the weekend is here and I sit in my bedroom completely alone with my laptop. Normally my lover would call and ask to come by later and give me what I need...complete submission of myself to his desires and I would melt in the trust and desire I had for him. But rather tonight I am chatting with random guys desiring me for either watching them cum or wanting me for my flesh only. Not sure how that is to make me feel honestly. But for my was full of meeting 4 very distinctly different men, over various different backgrounds and needs.

My first was a spontaneous meet with a gentleman here from Germany who had studied in the US. I arrived at his home and the moment he opened the door I could see it on his face. The look of complete amour. Then followed by the words..."wow, you are so beautiful. I must say, you were beautiful in your pics, but here standing before!" I thought to myself at that moment, in the many years I dated or even was in a relationship, did I ever get a greeting like this. And it reminded me exactly why I do what I do and the moments I really get what I need emotionally with my clients. He was a complete sweetheart. He ordered us pizza, we drank sect, and talked for over an hour about literature, history, politics and we shared many of the same viewpoints. He was not overly pushy and what led to our sex was very natural and passionate. We spent time discovering each other and touching and talking intimately in bed. He by no means had a large cock or the most overtly sexual technique....he just was himself and I felt him. In feeling him...I came. He was full of post coital cuddles and pillow talk. He whispered to me, "Aimmee, where have you been all my life." 

It felt good, especially after being dismissed by my lover the night before, but at the same time, I could feel the wall of jade going up...this is where I get personally drained. Knowing that I am trembling on someones feelings, possibly my own, and having to keep a level head and remind myself this is business and can be nothing more. I struggle with myself thinking, god can't I just receive this and accept this into me just this once. Honestly, my "partner" was not overtly my type, but someone I know would be a very good partner in a real relationship. It broke my heart to close myself off and get out of the bed and end the night. My teddy bear will have a special place in my heart, because he is an extraordinary man and I know if it was a meet that occurred under more natural circumstances and at an earlier time in my life, it could have been easily more!

 My next meeting was with a gentleman I met through Craigslist who responded to my "Visiting Berlin" ad, that some fucker likes to keep flagging! Anyway, this gentleman turned out to be from my hometown town in the US. We had a conversation on the phone before meeting and I really was not sure I was going to like this all. But, he is American and I understand we can rub people the wrong way most of the time, so I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I met him in the lobby of his hotel and when I saw him, he looked nothing like his photo and I was honestly not attracted to him at all, and I was worried about how I would make it through the date. But, I knew this man was depending on me and really starved for the attention of a beautiful woman and I refused to let him down. 

We walked around the corner to an over priced pizza shop, as they all are in Mitte. We ordered our meal and he complained non-stop about the slow service and not getting bread with his pasta. But I had to explain to him the difference in eating culture here in Europe compared to the US. But he still found it rude. He could not get over how Amazing it was that we came from the same if it were fate. Aside from being a typical American, arrogant to other ways of life, he was a nice least to me. I knew he was starved for some attention and to feel he was worth something to the opposite sex as he made it clear he had not had an orgasm nor been with a woman in over 2 years. I can honestly see why, but nonetheless, he had a huge heart and he is very giving and sweet and romantic and likes the old gentleman roles to take a womans coat, pull her chair, and make sure she is completely comfortable.

We walked back to the hotel and I was still mentally trying to work myself up, but I knew in my heart it would be quick. He was extremely over weight and he had not had an orgasm in so long. But I was determined to give him the best he could ever have. He told me in our phone conversation that no woman had ever brought him to orgasm through oral....I focused on this making it my personal give him the best BJ known to him. We get to the room and he tells me he is insecure about his body and insisted on having sex in the dark. I slowly removed my clothes for him so he could enjoy the view and take hi mind off of himself. He started to blush and told me how beautiful and perfect my body was. I know for a fact, my body is not perfect, but it feels really good to hear it and I let that inside me and empower me to be his angel for the moment. We got into bed and he asked me what I liked. I was shocked....I told him I love having my pussy eaten..he said your wish is my command and he proceeded to lick my pussy, I did not orgasm but it felt very nice to have a soft and tender tongue licking me. Then I rolled him over and started to suck him...he sounded as if he would be a shuttle taking off into space. He told me to stop and come back up and let him hold me. 

I felt so tiny in his arms. He wanted to lay there and talk a bit and so we did and then he asked for me to suck him again....I went back down and plowed him over. He was about to cum when he grabbed my head and made me stop and he said, please let me fuck you. I grabbed the condom and put it on him and I asked him if he wanted me to ride him? He said no...I want to be on top. I thought...oh dear will this work? But he climbed on and started pumping and as I did not last long...but it was not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be and when he was done, he was beside himself in joy and emotion.....again for me another reminder of why I love doing what I do...even for a man I am not attracted to. I gave him something special.

My next client was another German man who found me on He seemed nice enough and he only desired to lick my pussy and pleasure me, 69, and fingering. We spent a week before our encounter talking back and forth. His constant emailing and wanting to talk kind of irritated me, but I needed to remind myself, he is coming to me to get something he does not normally get and I have offered myself to give this to him. I arrived at his house and when he answered the door, he looked much better in person and his general goodness immediately penetrated our space.....there was nothing but good and comfortable feeling between us. He spoke no English and I speak shit German, but he was patient and somehow we really understood each other. He had asked me what I wanted to drink a few days prior.....naturally Pineapple Juice and Vodka!!! Hint Hint! :P He offered me a drink and we chatted about music and different bands he had worked with in the past and about his personal reasons for having me there. He suffered from impotence and having women come to him allows him to please without his heart being broken or being pressured to impress and be let down. Of course his problem is nothing I could discriminate against...I was there for him and only him. 

I started to undress before him and he was intrigued by my tattoos and as we undressed each other we talked about our body art. I looked at him and said, "Kann ich dich kuessen? I knew it would be something he would want to hear and it made him melt. I gently lead him to the bed and climbed on top of him and kissed him and his chest, down his stomach, to his cock. I started to play with him and he got a bit insecure and rolled me over and as I was on my hands and knees he started to eat my pussy from behind....this si my absolute favorite. He put one finger gently in my ass and I came all over his face soaking his bed. He began to finger me and it just kept flowing everywhere....I became a bit dehydrated and asked for a drink and he got up and made sure I had something. We chatted a minute while I drank my drink and smoked a ciggy. He then took my glass away and got on top of me and directed me to 69....I sat on his face and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking.....there was not problem with impotence at this point....and it was the first time I was able to cum in this position. Again I squirted all over his face and then at that moment....he came in my mouth. I think it was unexpected and he apologized for not warning me. Normally, I would be angry at this and spit it in the guys face, but no face on that angle...and with way. I just spit it to the side. 

He and I sat naked in his kitchen talking more about music and just having a nice time. He and I got dressed and he walked me a mile down the street to the train station. We made plans for him to see me again next week. He later contacted me and said he would not have enough money this week, but as soon as he did, he wanted me back again. He was a super super man who, if I had maybe seen him out and about, I would not notice, but I felt lucky to know him and this secret, like mona lisa.....a very good pussy licker and echt toll Mensch!  I look forward to seeing him again. 

Last but not least was my date from another European country other than Germany. He found me also through and I was his first date through the site. He and I spoke for a week before he came to Berlin. He had a very interesting handle name...interesting because it is my real name! I liked his personality and his openness. He was interested in having an encounter as a soft dominant. He wanted two hours to have a drink and then go to his room and have some fun playing with his toys and his paddle. We sat in the lobby and talked about intellectual things and also my blog. I told him after our meeting I would reveal a very interesting secret to him!

We went to his room I sat in the chair in front of the window and he sat across from me and asked me to spread my legs and lift my skirt so he could see what was under my skirt. I slowly removed my boots in the air and did as he commanded. Looking him in the eyes the entire time, I lifted my skirt slowly, leaaned back in the chair and spread my legs. He started playing with his cock and I started playing with my pussy. Then I moved my panties tot he side so he could look right at her. He removed his clothes and then I say his cock and it is my lover all over again...and he wanted to fuck me in the ass with that. I was not quite sure, but I was going to try! I stood up and removed my dress and stood in front of him with my knee high socks, panties and bra. He pulled me near him and kissed me and smacked my ass. I leaned over the bed to let him know I wanted him to smack my ass some more...and he did. he told me to wait in the bed as he took a shower. He returned to me laying on my stomach and my legs in the air crossed, like a young girl doing homework in bed. I tilted my head to look at him with a curious, innocent yet deviant look. He grabbed the pillow from the bed, put it on the floor and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. 

I put his cock in my mouth, it was so big even when I deep throated it could not get all the way down....but ti did not stop me from trying. He had a beautiful cock and beautiful balls. He pulled me up on the bed and started to play with my pussy and licking me and fingering me and it felt so fucking good I squirted just a little..only because he was teasing me...but had he stayed at the pace he was going, the bed would have flooded. He grabbed a condom and I climbed on top of him. His cock was so deep inside, I could not sit all the way down, but he felt good nonetheless. He rolled me over and grabbed the paddle and paddled me and fucked me at the same time...until he came. We laid there in bed and talked more until he got hard again. He got up and brought over to the bed, 1 vibrating butt plug, acrylic bulbled anal dildo, and ankle and wrist shackles. My eyes lit up and my nipples got hard. He put the shackles on me and connected the wrists to my ankles and left me on the bed while he took a shower. 

I was laying there completely turned on wondering what was coming next. He paddled my ass a bit and again put the pillow on the floor, sat me down and took my wrists and clasped them together behind me and shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my face. I loved it! Then he put me on the bed on my knees and shackled my wrists to my ankles and began to play with my ass. First with his fingers, then with the butt plug....all the memories of my lover came flooding in....After that he had me suck his cock there in the bed and then as I sat up on my knees, he played with my pussy and I just came all over. he kept telling me to not stop...cum, thats a good girl, cum....and I did and it was hot feeling it all flow from me, feeling it running down my legs. He grabbed a condom and bent me over again and and put the dildo in my ass and then the plug and then fucked my pussy at the same time, he kept alternating toy and cock in both holes and s he was in my ass I belted out that I wanted him to cum in my ass..and then he quickly pulled the condom off and put his cock in my mouth and said he wanted me to suck it off! I did and when he came...he came like a gentleman...all over my tits! 

in the end I revealed my true name and I think it made him happy to hear....I also told him about my blog and gave him the address. You know who you are and I hope you liked my account and ovations!!! Kisses  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unwashed Pussy


As you know I have a profile on Here men can peruse through the escorts in different areas of Germany. Then they choose the ones they are interested in and make contact. Here is an example of what not to least if you want to book me.....

If you are really American, please get in touch with me. I would love to book you for some fun. 
Hello there D....nice to meet you. I would love to know more about you and what we can do together!!! Let me know!!

Not sure how much you need to know about me, actually. And as far as what we can do together, I was under the impression that you decided those things.

Well..I do not need to know private things about you as I honor discretion. But it would be nice to know what kind of person you are and what kind of things you are interested in in and outside the bedroom. I like to know these things so I can guarantee your satisfaction and give you what you seek. I also find it important to understand ones intentions...say if you like watersports or scat play for example...we would not meet. So I would like to get an idea of what you, my client, has a desire for!
I look forward.
 Okay fair enough. I like kissing, eating pussy,fingering, smoking cigarettes and kissing at the same time, very dirty talk, women who leave their pussy unwashed for me, who can do deep throat, squirt (especially while fucking me but also in my mouth), fucking since condoms are necessary only if I am rock hard and you really cum that way, getting my cum back from you in a deep kiss or having you smear my face in it after I cum on your pussy outside or on your tits or face. All these things or some of them only and whatever the woman REALLY digs.
And I do not really enjoy a tight pussy unless it is super wet and I hate lube. About me I am creative, kind, funny and not all that bad looking for 52
Thank you for your candidness. I really appreciate your creativity. However, I do not think we would be a good match...I do hope you find the right match for you though...and yes you are a very attractive older gentleman. Have a great day!

 I mean really....after his first response back to me, I could tell he was an arrogant man. Why would I possibly want to know anything about a man, that I am going to trust with my person? Moron....and I was correct once again in making him tell me more about him and his sexual desires......fucking nasty! There is no way I would ever let someone near me when I am not washed, plus to rub an uncovered cock on my pussy and then cum on it and slather your face in it.....I would have to be in a serious, monogamous relationship with you and know for a fact you have no diseases....and I would still question it. And you can tell he is American with his sexual ignorance, thinking that he only needs a condom if he is fully erect and and inserting his cock inside me....WTF!!!

There is a reason why I am clean and do not have diseases or have babies from multiple daddies!!