Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spank That Ass Up!!!

Today's client desires to spank my ass for 1 hour! I am really looking forward to him bending me over his knee and thrusting his hand across my ass, then rub it gently and then kiss it! Take it harder with a flogger, my whimpers and squirming growing out of control...and for him to shove an apple in my mouth to keep this little piggy from squealing to loud....poor neighbors! Then he intends to play with my pussy...hopefully he will spank her too! I will report how bruised my ass is after our date...pics are very possible only if I receive requests in the comments!

My appointment went very well. We met at a Stundenhotel (Hourly Hotel) called Stockholm Pension Berlin. It was very nice, clean, and discrete. Here is the link...http://www.love-hotel-berlin.com/wir_uns.html  He was a true gentleman, however commanding with his German and German accent....HOT! He started with spanking me with his hands, then he went into using the wooden cleaning brush, and for the finale he used a leather paddle. The leather paddle brought me to tears. My eyeliner was down may face and covered the sheets.He hit me harder the more I cried. Although I was crying in pain, I was enjoying it. I think the release of tears was something I have needed. All the emotion I deny myself to feel came out with every drip. It was quite intense the physical pain and the internal pain being extinguished...very therapeutic. I think I would like to see him regularly. But now to find someone to rub my toosh with lotion...that is what I need...any takers?

Here are some pics from when I got home. I am sure they will turn black and blue as the week carries on. I will take more pics as the color changes.


  1. Hey sounds hot i love how round and full your ass looks on your profile picture would love to see it close up;) maybe also have a before/after pic to gauge spankage ^^
    and please upload any more pictures you may take.
    Happy Spanking!

  2. What can I say? You really do have a lovely smackable bumm and that gentleman did a fine job of reddening it! A couple of slaps on your sweet pussy would have been the cherry on top.



  3. Thank you for the compliment. I find it comes in handy for such tasks!...and I love my ass being smacked. I like my pussy being smacked too....especially when I am being fucked and he pulls his cock out and smacks my pussy a few times....I usual squirt...and making my cum splash about with each blow!

  4. Also...if you listen closely to audio file, in the middle you can hear it happening!!

  5. Hi. I really love those pictures. I am also into spanking and would really like to know if it is possible to meet you. Thanx