Thursday, June 28, 2012

15 Minutes

15 Minutes is about how long it will take for you to read a brief script of my real life

15 Minutes also emphasizes a time in my life that was mind altering.

15 Minutes is nothing to do with sex...unless it marks its break!

This is the meat of energy that propels your beloved Aimmee... enjoy!

15 minutes

Some say the fervor of life ends when one turns thirty. Thirty is the very last hurrah and then life is just about sustaining it. It is meant to be a time when people settle down and start families and the mundane sets in. Not for me, when I turned thirty my life had just begun. I was on the road to my future, finally. I had discovered a big part of my sexuality, my daughters were coming of age, I was in university again, learning and writing about things I could not believe, and I was nowhere near becoming settled. I was steering my life in hyper speed with one thing at the finish line…living in Berlin.
I no longer saw a place for me in a country that values democracy and freedom in the name of genocide, world invasion, and dictatorship and surrounding myself with people whose comprehension skills could be measured by the size of a bucket of KFC chicken…not just any old bucket of chicken, but rather in specific, the pink Susan G. Komen fight against breast cancer bucket of chicken. You have got to be fucking kidding me! At this point in my life I had had the opportunity to visit Germany twice and be so inspired to see what making time for life was like and what the meaning of freedom was. The funny thing is, Germany still has a stigma of being Nazi and of course every country next to the almighty US is indeed a third world country, still pissing in pots and holes in the ground! Well this is still true for France, but this veers off course as France does not count.

Vicious vicious idiots...keep eating that hormone infested chicken! They will find the cure for breast cancer only after you are the test subject! 

I am very much a part of Generation X, as they call it. But this X-er has made great use of her free thinking ability and right, although disregarding the supposed temporal obligation to country. When I was in Germany the first time, I actually liked that I was able to get on a train or any form of public transportation without a ticket. Yes, I said it! But not in the way a dishonest person would say it. I liked that I could actually do this and maybe even get away with it, but the point was, I was able to use my own character, my own better judgment, and actually process a thought without dictation…that possible free ticket to ride, was more than a one way ticket to a destination for me…it was my ticket to freedom of thought. I found something fundamentally wrong with the idea of my freedom in the freest country in the world, being constantly blockaded by a rotating stylist, being constantly reminded by signs, gadgets, and mindless robots, that my every move was being watched because as a “free” people, we must be treated like children unable to act in public. The rotating stylist is merely a metaphor for a “sheeple” mindlessly wielded and guided to the end of an unfulfilling life.
I was also quite enthused when I saw people actually taking lunch breaks longer than fifteen minutes. Jesus Christmas, in the US we dedicate our lives to our jobs and in most cases work to support our hobby as corporate slaves. Fifteen minutes in the US could be as disastrous as a heart attack in the world of American commerce, forget about an hour and forget about letting the slaves feed! It was a magnificent spectacle to watch, as they were literally sitting down in cafés or restaurants eating meals with real cutlery and yes…enjoying a glass of wine or beer without ridicule. It was fascinating to see the level of respect a people had for life…and freedom for that matter. If the government threatened to take away a right or do something the people did not like, the people would mob the streets in protest….yah America…PROTEST! These so called Nazi’s have actually learned something from having a notorious dictator ruin their lives in the past! Protest…a rise in the use of freedom of speech, not being afraid of what will happen when they do speak up, not being censored to keep from hurting some religious fundamentalists’ feelings, nor being censored by which News syndicate….ahhahha FOX NEWS to broadcasts it…because they have, since that painful time in their history, learned the value of rights and freedoms and know….when they are not executed, used, and maintained, they are up for grabs by the next dictatorial vulture. The flavor of freedom to German’s is like Coca Cola for Americans, the addiction and desire is sustained only when the reality is tangible!

I spent many days and nights checking out different cities throughout the country, just to see if this sense of freedom was any different based on region. What I found was, while in the south it is more conservative than let’s say, Berlin…the zest and zeal for life everywhere is apparent. I met several people while walking along the streets, riding the metro, and sitting in the many open parks, that were specifically established for the people to utilize for their own convenience, at any time of day or night…and of course with a beer in hand. You got that right…I could be in the park after dark without trampling on the dignity of a lonely and bored police officer lurking in the bushes waiting to write a bill of tax for passing through.
My first impressions of Germany stimulated not only my mind, but opened my eyes to a world, that I could have never imagined for myself living in the US of A. Every move I made from those experiences forward was a deliberately executed act of my right to be free. I knew my energy would be wasted in dedicating it to recovering freedom in the Western World…this was too big for me….especially in a world of ignorance being bliss. I had to make it for myself…suddenly thinking this way made it seem achievable. I set out to start university over again…and yes on the government’s dime, as I have no intention of paying it back. I had been a slave to them long enough and felt no regret and still to this day, believe I was taking what I feel I deserved. I found the very best liberal college in Atlanta…also the most expensive and tested into classes…yes, you heard it correctly. I tested into university! I will back up a bit and reveal that I never graduated from high school. I never said that I was not a statistic or average byproduct of the American way of life! I also had children at the young age of 14…but I get off track here, as it is not what I did in the ignorance of youth that defines me, but rather what I do with my life forward thinking.

I tested into the very astute Oglethorpe University to begin studying International Relations and Minoring in German. There I was able to tailor my Bachelor Degree towards whatever defined path I wanted. My focus would be on German politics, society, and history, and its impact and the potential influence it could have on the world. I had many questions about how specifically a country with such a sorted past could transform itself to reflecting the true essence of freedom, build one of the greatest economies in the world, and do it without sacrificing its soul to the devil…or China! There I spent many hours researching and writing papers and essays on topics that astonished my own personal capabilities. Two semesters alone focused on the perspective thoughts and influences of philosophy and this in itself developed my foundations for understanding and arguing global themes. The education was rigorous and unremorseful…grooling, as I also had to work full time to support myself. This comes to no surprise btw to Americans…this is the standard in the free world.
I received the best education one could attain…in Georgia, for a little over two years, until my federal financial aid would be exceeded, only two semesters before I was due to graduate. The financial counselors refused to petition the federal aid committee to extend my aid, so that I may finish my degree and suggested I take out a private loan in the amount of $25,000 to finish the last two semesters. This was not even a possibility, as I had just taken out an $11,000 private loan to do my mandatory study abroad course in Berlin. This time proved to be a stressful and a deliberative moment in my life. The universe was thrusting life altering obstacles my way, its way of showing me the right path. See, where some may succumb to the challenge and give up, this was for me a personal check written to test my will. If I thought the obstacle of finding a way to finish was enough for me to give up on my dream, then it was not meant to be. But, if I did whatever it took to finish, I knew in the end, no matter how hard it would be to survive in a foreign country, freshly starting a new life, the odds would be better in my favor and I could do it.
After taking some time to figure out my options, which were severely limited, I decided to go to State College to finish. I spoke with the advisors and they expressed to me that, I would have very little more to do to finish my degree. The only hindrances were that, I would probably be there for a year rather than two semesters and that I would have to ask my father to help me pay. I myself could live with being in school for another year, as I looked at it as a chance to polish up on what I already knew and maybe learn a little more along the way. My father always said, “It is what you learn after you know it all that really counts.” But the part about asking my father for money…this was the worst part and really the only thing that could ultimately impact my outcome. I could feel the nausea in my stomach and a rumble in the Bronx begins to take over my nerves. How does a child who lived such a cavalier life, always on the outskirts and at thirty years of age not accomplishing anything aside from an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and doing nothing with it, convince her very politically and financially conservative father to believe in her and invest in her? Here is when I began to question my own ability.
I do not know I convinced him, but luckily I did! See, where I went wrong in that last question was going against my personal beliefs stated earlier…I cannot be defined by my ignorance of youth…but rather by what I can accomplish in the future. Although my father and I both reside on two very vast and different ends of any spectrum…the one thing we do come together on is my strength in will. He saw, through the things I I was writing throughout my time at Oglethorpe and was very impressed with my skill with words. He was not as impressed by what I was learning, but more by how I ingested it and then represented it. If my father could believe in me, then I knew my dream from that moment on was more…it was now a mandate!
I began my studies the following semester and the challenge was not in the learning, NO WAY. Rather it was dealing with every hemorrhoidal person that was allowed to attend college…where the fuck is the value here? Thanks George W. Bush, for no child left behind! My first day at Georgia State University was filled with speeches and introductions to the faculty and staff that were stating empty reassurances in quality of education, raising the bar for students…blah blah blah. After taking in all the verbal vomit, the panel of academics took questions from the students, which had been sitting there staring at them with a glaze of boredom for the last hour. The very first question was presented by an incoming freshman. She was a petit black girl all of seventeen years of age, chewing gum and attending her first day of college wearing her pajama’s. As she stood up the only view was of the word “JUICY” written across her ass. I thought, oh boy, am I really here? Can I just forgo the hours of labor…just give me the drugs, cut me open and take this child out! ? She stood before the dean and president and her future professors and with a serious and completely straight faced and asked, “yah, do you be checking attendance yo?

I stood up and walked out of the auditorium as the president justified the question with an answer. I thought, Jesus fucking Christ, did I really make the right decision? Yes, I said to myself. Over and over I said, yes. At this moment in time I have reached beyond what any University could actually teach me…it was no longer about education of academics…it was all about the great test, the great sacrifice, and then being served humble pie! I knew I would be in for a great personal challenge as my first semester was a joke. I learned that all my perspectives on philosophy courses from Oglethorpe were non-transferable…something to do with the verbiage in class description. GSU is not known for critical thinking or teaching it for that matter. In a way, this did not surprise me. So, I was forced to take the GSU version of perspectives…Dinosaurs! WTF? To break it down in a nutshell...I attended the first week of this class learning: that if I show up for the class the day before the exams, I would get all the details about what would be covered. Then I could show up for the exam and fill in little bubbles for an hour and leave. I passed the class with an A and never wrote a single analytical paper, Oh wait, I never wrote anything except my name atop the bubble sheet.
My stress lay only in the time I felt I was wasting there at this sham of a school, who continually found more issues with my transfer credits, that would ultimately keep me there enrolled and paying for a useless tedious “education” for almost 4 more years. I had taken and retaken courses and actually did manage to write an amazing piece on the Dialog of Architecture in Post War Berlin. This paper, in the end, was so good in comparison to fucktards attending that school, I was accused of plagiarism. Oops, my bad, I missed a quotation mark in editing….I guess the fact that this mistake had been overlooked by the teachers’ assistant and oh, yah, the actual teacher, the first two times I submitted it for review, makes for dishonesty in a well versed student of German history! I did not let this set me back, as I was determined to finish what I had started and well, even though the school itself was a paradoxical mockery of the education system of America , I cannot say it was all for nothing. Because I extended my stay at the hotel de la academia, I was given the opportunity to complete an internship both with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in 2010 and Deutsche Bahn in 2011 in Berlin.  

After my arduous tenure at Georgia Nonsensical University, I had Berlin in my view. I would finish my last semester in May of 2011 and move to Berlin to complete an internship for Deutsche Bahn. I left before my graduation ceremony would commence, but really I had no interest in being a part of that particular fiasco and what I would call the walk of shame, other than to maybe to dress as a sheep in a clown suit. I was done and was not looking back.
Before I left, I gave up all of my possessions and prepared never to return. I found a cheap room to rent from a crazy old German hippy who likes to sit on her couch with her dogs all day, watching her stories while sipping on hash! She herself has many stories of her life as a traveling hippy from the Black Forrest…she always made time to share some German Culture with me, coffee and cake at 4pm, Sunday brunch, and other traditional German feasts. My life in Berlin was never taken for granted. I observed everything around me, and daily have paid homage to the architecture, the people, and the life with a subtle grin of appreciation. Still to this day, as I walk along the streets with my mysterious smile, people always look back at me, either with a reciprocated smile or with the curiosity about what my secret might be…much like when one looks at the Mona Lisa. I love this feeling.
One year later, living in Berlin, I thrive on my freedoms. I thrive on the life that took decades to achieve. I am always on the go working in a different café and being amongst people. I am healthier and 60lbs lighter, I get sick less often and less intensely, I have met very interesting people and made valuable friendships and connections and all of this, I attribute to not sitting behind an overpriced piece of machinery that enables indifference and complete isolation and mindlessness. I am mobile and active mentally and physically, I am a living breathing part of the societal life pulse of Berlin. Connected and fulfilled.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An artistic tribute to a Berlin Escort

I want to say thank you to a very dear "lover" for drawing this picture of me and sharing it. I had a wonderful time with you and hope for many more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Respect! The anal sex duties of an escort...

Anal Duties of an Escort!
After some time with experimenting with anal sex, I have really grown to enjoy the act immensely. I love how much pleasure it gives my partner, I love the naughtiness of it and the relinquishing of myself to my partner...there are even times I have cum my hardest from it. But there are its drawbacks, especially in being an escort and offering her ass as a specialty......everyone wants the ass!

I charge extra for this menu option not because I dislike it, but it requires a constant upkeep in diet and hygiene, not to mention the constant penetration of the sphincter, does in fact make it less constrictive. Just to offer a little insight on this, in hopes for men around the world to better appreciate and understand the strain and demand for ass and why it does and should cost more. (even if you are not utilizing a whore respect and appreciation should always be number 1)

When I am contacted by a potential client who is asking for my ass as a should be just that! One does not just bend over and allow the man to say, "Land Ahoy!" This could lead to serious discomfort from blockage, tearing, and  or landslides and unless you are really into scat play, this could prove to be a disaster. The ass is something special and must be treated with care. Love the ass, play with the ass with nice caresses. Never forget the main function of the ass. If you play with fire, you will eventually get burned.

An anal sex date is not like any other date. The ass does not need to be wined and dined. In fact, an anal date is much like going to the zoo, as the same rules apply… do not feed the animals. Dining your anal date beforehand is never the best idea. Rather a sensual buildup of lubrication, some Prosecco, candles, and soothing music that beats to the rhythm of the heart is always best. This relaxes the date and thus opens her up to you. Once you have enjoyed your appetizer, then go on for the main course!

For me, the anal sex date requires me to take complete charge. Therefore, before agreeing to a meeting for anal sex, I require a minimum of 6 hours to allow my system to work through what is inside and or I will limit what I eat for 24 hours. As I shower and do my normal preparations for our date, shaving, lotioning, and douching, I must also give myself an enema. Although an enema is not always full proof, it can pump unwanted air in the intestines causing discomfort and excess gas. Doing this too often is also not healthy. So I limit my anal dates to a maximum of 2 per week.

Over the last months of constant anal sex preparation, my weight has fluctuated severely; my stomach has had serious digestive issues ranging between nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. I have had to settle the stomach by taking anti-nausea pills, anti-diarrhea medication to help relieve the symptom and also to keep my food from processing too fast. This in turn tends to constipate me and I must then take laxatives to then flush out the system. I have even experienced moments of incontinence and at age 30+, this is unacceptable. As you can imagine the duties of an escort to provide anal sex are quite rigorous and should be adored, appreciated, not taken for granted. Even if you are not utilizing the services of an escort to fulfill your anal urges, it is also important to understand your partner’s limitations and possible preparations to give you what you desire. Remember, it is only pleasing to her, when she is comfortable and relaxed. Not taking care of her in this respect will negate any and all desires for anal at the time and possibly in the future for you both.

Anal-Verpflichtungen einer Escort- Deutsch

Nach einer Weile des Experimentierens mit Analsex ist mein Genuss des Akts wirklich immens gewachsen. Ich liebe es, wie viel Freude es meinem Partner macht, ich liebe die Unanständigkeit und mich meinem Partner preiszugeben ... es gibt sogar Zeiten Ich hatte extrem große Orgasmus daraus! Aber es hat auch seine Nachteile, vor allem, wenn man Escort ist und seinen Arsch als Besonderheit anbietet......jeder will in den Arsch!

Ich berechne diese Wahlmöglichkeit extra, nicht weil ich sie nicht mag, sondern weil sie eine andauernde Aufrechterhaltung von Diät und Hygiene erfordert, nicht zu vergessen das andauernde Eindringen in den Schließmuskel, macht es in der Tat weniger einschränkend. Nur ein kleiner Einblick, in der Hoffnung dass Männer überall auf der Welt die Belastung und Leistung des Arschs besser zu schätzen wissen und verstehen warum es mehr kostet und kosten sollte. (Auch wenn Sie keine Hure in Anspruch nehmen, Respekt und Anerkennung sollte immer Nummer 1 sein)

Wenn ich von einem potentiellen Kunden kontaktiert werde der nach meinem Arsch als Leckerbissen fragt...sollte es auch nur das sein! Man bückt sci nicht nur um dem Mann den Ausruf "Land Ahoy!"zu gestatten. Dies könnte zu ernsthaften Beschwerden wie Verstopfung, Rissbildung, und oder Durchfall führen und solange Du nicht wirklich auf KV abfährst, könnte dies sich als vollkommenes Disaster erweisen. Der Arsch ist etwas besonderes und muß mit Vorsicht behandelt werden. Liebe den Arsch, spiele mit dem Arsch mit lieben Zärtlichkeiten. Vergesse nie die Hauptfunktion des Arschs. Wenn Du mit Feuer spielst, kannst Du dich möglicherweise verbrennen.

Ein Anal-Sex-Date ist nicht wie irgend ein anderes Date. Der Arsch darf nicht mit Essen und Trinken hofiert werden. In der Tat ist ein Anal-Date einem Zoo-Besuch sehr ähnlich, da die gleichen Regeln gelten... Nicht die Tiere füttern. Dein Anal-Date vorher zum Essen auszuführen ist niemals die beste Idee... Stattdessen ist ein sinnlicher Feuchtigkeitsaufbau, etwas Prosecco, Kerzen und im Rhythmus des Herzschlags beruhigende Musik immer das Beste. Das entspannt das Date und öffnet sie Dir. Nachdem Du die Vorspeise genossen hast, geh über zum Hauptgang!

Für mich erfordert eine Anal-Sex-Date vollkommene Aufmerksamkeit. Deshalb benötige ich, bevor ich einem Treffen mit Anal-Sex zusage, mindestens 6 Stunden um meinem Körper alles duchzuarbeiten zu lassen, was in ihm drinnen ist und/oder ich begrenze was ich in 24 Stunden esse. Wenn ich dusche und meine normalen Vorbereitungen für unser Date durchführe, rasieren, eincremen and spülen, muss ich mir auch einen Einlauf machen. Wenngleich ein Einlauf nicht immer vollständig dicht ist, kann ungewollt Luft in die Eingeweide gepumpt werden, was Unwohlsein und überschüssiges Gas zur Folge hat. Das zu oft zu machen ist auch nicht gesund. Deshalb beschänke ich meine Anal-Dates auf maximal 2 pro Woche.
Während der letzten Monate wiederholter Anal-Sex-Vorbereitung hat mein Gewicht ernstlich geschwankt, mein Magen hatte ernstzunehmende Verdaunugsprobleme, von Übelkeit, Durchfall bis zu Verstopfung. Ich musste den Magen beruhigen mit Pillen gegen Übelkeit, Durchfallmedikamente um die Symptome loszuwerden und auch um zu Verhindern, dass meine Nahrung zu schnell verdaut wird. Dies wiederum führte zu Verstopfungen und ich musste Abführmittel nehmen um das Verdauungssystem durchzuspülen. Ich habe Momente der Inkontinenz bei einem Alter von 30+ erlebt, das ist inakzeptabel. Wie Du dir vorstellen kannst sind die Verpflichtungen eines Escort Anal-Sex anzubieten ziemlich rigoros und sollten bewundert, geschätzt, nicht als gegeben angesehen werden. Selbst wenn Du für deinen analen Drang nicht die Dienstleistungen eines Escorts in Anspruch nimmst, ist es wichtig die Einschränkungen und möglichen Vorbereitungen deines Partners zu verstehen, um Dir zu geben was Du ersehnst. Denk daran, es ist nur angenehm für sie, wenn sie sich wohlfühlt und entspannt ist. Sich nicht in diesem Sinne um sie zu kümmern wird jegliches und alles Verlangen nach Anal zu diesem Zeitpunkt negieren und möglicherweise zukünftig für euch beide.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aimmee, your face looks even more beautiful with my cum on it!

Another fantastic meeting with a sexy, sophisticated, and well-endowed client from Switzerland! I am just curious as to what is in the water in that beautiful land, to produce such beauty. The type of man that presents outwardly to the world only a respectable, studious, and gentlemanly socialite and in bed also be a great and decisive deviant, yet sympatisch lover! I met this man several months ago and I was delighted to know that he thought of me again when he came to visit Berlin and that his anticipation of me was so strong, he booked his favorite berlin escort 1 month before his journey.
As he greeted me in front of his hotel as I smoked a cigarette my breath was taken away. He had grown even more handsome than I had remembered. We chatted each other up in the elevator as he enjoyed taking in my sexy appearance….dressed innocently for the added affect to what we were about to partake in….some play in domination and submission. I entered the room and saw his collection of toys and gadgets and was immediately aroused. First things first, he said, let us take care of your reward! He opened the safe and handed me my tender. I felt erotically dirty…and in this moment, being handed the money added to the erotic nature of my role. It signifies the curtain rising and for me to take my place in the center of the stage. For 2 hours I will perform the desire of a very sexy man happily, as his desire matches mine in level of deviance and attraction. He asked me, Aimmee are you ready for a little domination and submission? To have my ass spanked? To be penetrated in every orifice by his extremely huge cock? I looked at him with an innocent yet seductive smile and curious eye and responded; yes I am ready for you! He said, Aimmee….yes I am ready sir! He extended his hand behind my head, pulled me fast to him and started to kiss me with his sweet soft lips and he began to undress me. Of course I would not make it easy for him….my innocent attire proved to be chastising in its multiple layers and with each layer removed the more inviting. Once he had disrobed me he told me to get on the bed on all fours. I did what I was told and looked back at him in curiosity and with a deviant smile.
Oh yes….what a view….look at that ass….I am a lucky man, he said. He started to spank and pet my ass…harder and harder and then softly pet my soft pussy…teasing me.  I was completely turned on by his admiration of his views, his titillation and pain he was afflicting, all the while my body craved more and more. I thought about how hard his big cock was…throbbing as he was building himself up…knowing that he desired what I did….his large cock deep inside me, deep inside my mouth, deep inside my pussy, and deep inside my ass. But all must wait! He spanked me with his hands, then with the paddle. He inserted an acrylic dildo into my pussy and watched me squirm. He played with my asshole with a nice warming jelly until he inserted the dildo into my ass and watched it closely as it penetrated me. He watched as my breathing became more labored in deep arousal.  He inserted a nice black plug in my ass and commanded me to keep it there. Then he quickly stopped and commanded me on the floor at the edge of the bed, there he exclaimed, you know what you must do now….take my cock into your mouth….take it nice and deep…like a good girl.
I was delighted to take his very beautiful and extremely large cock into my mouth. I love a challenge and a challenge it was….a cock like this comes but only few and far between and my mouth must adjust to take it all and take it well. Only after a few moments this mission was accomplished and I had him all the way down my throat…tickling the tip of his cock with my tonsils. Then I began to go faster and harder and he pulled me by the hair off of his cock and threw me back on the bed….gently yet animalistic. He put on a condom and said, are you ready for my cock in your pussy? Oh, yes, I said, I want your cock in my pussy. He cut me off in mid-sentence and with a loader more commanding voice he said, no!... say Can I please have your cock in my pussy sir?!  CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY SIR? I repeated with a whimper.
As he entered my pussy with his large and engorged cock I could feel each and every centimeter in length and girth….and the sensation sucked the breath right out of me and the walls of my vagina contracted, clenched, and concatenated to his member perfectly. Every moment he was inside me I could feel his excitement and I was happy to deliver and when he was about to cum and when one would think a cock could not get any larger….I could feel the swelling and his release in mutual climax.
We took a moment to relax and get caught up from our last meeting. I thoroughly enjoy speaking with this very academically astute man. Not to mention he is very nice to look at. So nice, so perfect in fact, I seriously have to wonder why he is not taken. He is in a position where he could have whatever and whomever he wanted, yet he is all ethically and gallantly restrained. He is sincere, realistic, and secure, yet playful and charismatic like a young boy. He checked deviously to see if my plug was still where it should be and gave me a nice slap on my ass. After a few moments of sharing reciprocally stimulating conversation, he is hard once again and the engorged member demands more dictation.
Next I become his slave in shackles of pleasure and leather. I am completely in his control by his tether. With my wrists chained to my ankles and poised upon my knees…he holds me close, fingers grasping my hair, his soft lips kissing me…his fingers inside me massaging my pussy with the beckoning strokes of a master…until she relinquishes her sweet nectar. Dripping first down my thigh, then gushing in rhythm to his repeating gestures. He commands me with a pull of my collar down to the floor where I must take his cock once again in his mouth. Holding me by my hair, directing my mouth where he wants it, it turns me on more and I cum once again. Putting me back in my place like a doll on the bed, he bends me over and plays with the plug a bit and spanks me harder and harder with his hands and then again with the paddle. He knows that in my arousal he must hold the plug in as he plays with my pussy or in my moments of high arousal, I will push it out and the added pressure of him holding the plug in, stimulates me more. Bent over before him with my plugged ass in the air and my pussy staring face to face with him, he is ready to penetrate my remaining orifice. He asks me if I am ready for his big cock in my ass?
Oh yes, I want your big cock in my ass please give it to me! He commands stronger…no… say it correctly Aimmee or you shall not have this big cock in your ass. I disobey and say nothing.  He takes me by the chin and gives me a slap across the face and tells me to ask properly. I still disobey by saying nothing and looking at him and smiling. He smacks me again and kisses me and grasps my tits tightly. Then in my heightened arousal I ask…..will you please fuck me with your big cock in my ass…sir? Yes Aimmee….you will take my big cock in your ass and love it. He slowly removes my plug and inserts his finger inside me…watching closely then he applies a pinch of warming lube and massages my hole with his finger, then in sets the tip of his cock….in and out with just enough to create a suction and a pop….then glides his member all the way to the end. My back arched and then caved in complete submission to his wordless command. My ass was open for him with a tightness of welcoming resistance. Slow and deep, deep and slow, breathing in rhythm, his hand on my back and the other around my neck, I felt the flow of my cum trickle down my legs…harder and deeper the cum flowed rapidly. He quickly removed his cock, put me down on the floor on my knees, pulled off the condom and shoved his cock in my mouth and then jerked himself and said, you want me to cum on your face? Yes…yes sir….cum on my face.  I could barely finish my request before his warm pearlescent load spewed all over my lips, cheeks, nose, and eyes.
In his sigh of relief he sat there and looked at me saying how I should see how beautiful I looked at that moment. With one eye closed I sat up with a gesture to unshackle my wrists from my ankles. He set me free and I walked over to the mirror and looked…and for the first time I could see and understand the beauty of which he spoke. He had not just a beautiful cock, but his cum was just as delectable creamy white and smooth. Perfect in consistency, quantity, and actual placement….it was beautiful to see HIS beautiful seed on my face.
I began to clean myself up and reapply my makeup and in between we exchanged intimate dialog and several compliments and the lingering words from his mouth spoke….Aimmee, you have such a beautiful face, but your face looks even more beautiful with my cum on it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Dane takes on Aimmee Dudevant Berlin Escort

Great Dane takes Berlin Escort


I visited Berlin last week from Denmark. I was there to support my friends show and to give a speech. My last night there I found myself in dire need of a woman in my bed. I searched online and found .City Of Love, an independent escort listing site. That is when I saw her... Aimmee Dudevant, a voluptuous, natural, curvy, non-professional looking escort. She had the most sincere and sweet face, a very heavenly and womanly physique and her introduction was completely unique and read:

I Confess...
Dear heavenly father I have has been a lifetime since my last confession....perhaps only in a past life.

I have had sexual relations
sexual relations with many men
I have been penetrated...
In every way possible.

Will I go to hell?

Even if I liked it and I am not sorry? Even if I want it more and more? Even if I enjoy getting paid for it?

No my will not go to hell. There is a special place in heaven reserved for those who tend to the needs of men and there is also a special place for those who enjoy it! getting paid only makes you honest and shows men how to value more what they receive! Have no fear child your place, your happy heavenly place is secured next to the holiest of the holy....after all you have tended to us and our needs longer than any other and we are grateful. We keep those we value close and safe!

Let's expand the sinful desires together next time you are in Berlin. Look me up on my blog

I could tell she was going to be perfect for me! I gave her a call and when I heard her voice… the deal was sealed.

She came to my hotel and when I saw her enter the lobby, my breath was taken away. She had this classic 50s look, wearing a black and white polka dot dress and red hair that glistened in the light.

I met her at the bar and she was even more beautiful face to face. We immediately went up to the room and engaged in very intellectually stimulating conversation. Not only was she sexy and beautiful, she possessed a very strong character and level of intelligence... she was the perfect woman.

The more we spoke, the more I wanted to undress her...until I could not hold back anymore. She allowed me to disrobe her sensually and take in every inch of soft porcelain skin and every waft of sweet Jasmine. Her lips were soft as silk and sweet as strawberry. She and I spent the next 2 hours enveloping our bodies around each other...exploring and seducing. Her pussy tasted of pure sugarcane and her ejaculation even sweeter.

After that, what seemed like endless time together, she lay in my arms and caressed my body tenderly...I could not stop smelling her hair....just delightful.... I only wished the ATM would have allowed me to take out more than 300€ in a day, or I would have taken her for the entire night.

Thank you Aimmee for the most memorable stay in Berlin, when I return to Berlin...I will call and we will have an entire night!
Great Dane (City of Love)