Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beaten on the Post

It was a warm summer evening in July, my country's day of independence, yet I could not be any further away from the waving stars and stripes and beer can hat holders. No, I was in my beloved Berlin on a train to Spandau wearing nothing but a corset under a rain coat and knee high boots. I had been summoned by my "master" to meet in the woods for several hours of nature, sekt, and spanking. The long ride gave me time to imagine what people were thinking as they looked at me, my attire, and expression. I was very turned on by my request for the evening, but did not know how turned on I was until my bare ass touched the seat as I sat down. I felt so dirty and exposed, but I think that is what he wanted me to feel, although he was not there to see it. The longer the ride, the more I was turned on, thinking about what he would do to me in the deep dark forest.

When I entered the car, he told me to open the glove box. There inside was my 300€ ans a dog collar and line. He told me to remove both of them and explained that once I put on the collar, I am his bitch to do what he says. He placed the collar around my neck and kissed my forehead. We drove for about 20 minutes, so my fear of being too far away from civilization was calmed. As we drove he placed his fingers between my lips and then tasted me and said he could not wait for his little slave to remove her jacket. We arrived just at dusk to a recently cleared pasture lined with what seemed like never ending green. He had been there a few days before to mark the path to a special place. He led my line until we reached our first post, where he finally told me to remove my coat. I disbanded my belt and slow and decisively I unzipped my jacket and let it fall to the ground, exposing my shimmering white skin in the light of the full moon.
My master took hold of my leash and brushed the cool metal links across my breasts, as he studied the form of his beloved slave girl. He soaked in the details of my curves, how my hair fell on to my back, all the way to the crease of my posterior and then gab her a gentle slap and grip. He then began to lead me into the woods, but found it a struggle to guide the way and keep his eyes on me, and suddenly he said stop! You will lead the way....I want to watch your ass as you walk. Although it was dark, my skin was a complete glow, I myself could not stop looking down upon my breasts and enjoying the view in the moonlight. The excitement made my nipples hard and the warm breeze through my exposed ocelot made her begin to pulsate in her provocation.
I was secure in my trust for my master. This was not a problem, as I was quite aroused. As we continued our way into the thicket, I became slightly startled when I heard a herd of wild boar scrambling through the bushes just ahead. I maintained my composure and made as much noise walking as I could, so to keep them away. After all, I will be tied up helpless to a tree! We continued to a small and quaint open valley. Surrounded by tall trees was an open patch of plain seated just below the warm gaze of the moon. All I could do was soak in the elements of nature around me and  I could not be anymore at peace. Feeling the fresh air in my lungs, on my lips, and dancing on my skin, I also never felt more sexy. My master commanded me to place my palms on a tree in the corner, while he laid out a blanket, our toys, a pillow, and some wine. When he completed his task, he requested that I join him for a libation. But first, he placed the shackles around my wrists for me not to forget my place.
After our moment of basking in the moonlight with our wine, he asked me if I remembered my positions for command. For a moment I had forgotten, as it had been some months since our last session. In my hesitation he exclaimed, for that you shall be punished. He shoved his cock in my mouth and smothered me until I was deprived of just enough air. He pulled back and gave me a small smack across the face and grabbed my lips tightly pulling them to his and then he kissed me passionately. Now, he said, what is the position for awaiting orders? I placed the pillow on the ground and delicately bent down to my knees with spread legs, my hands behind my back, and my head bowing in submission. Good girl, he said, as he rubbed his cock along the back of my neck, unbeknown this place on my body is one of my most sensitive erogenous zones. However, there was no hiding my arousal in this moment, as he placed his fingers between my legs and felt the cool wetness dripping from my lips. Triumphantly he gave her a spank and then licked the nectar from the palm of his hand.
He then commanded me to the punishment position. I had no problems with my commands, as all was coming back to me... it was like riding a bike. I slowly stood up and walked over to the tree placing my palms open embracing the bark. I bent my ass out as far as I could with a completely arched back, legs spread...completely exposed. Nothing but silence for a moment, until I heard the crack of the riding crop across my ass. For sure, I heard the cracking of the object across my ass, long before I felt it. Several cracks, I could hear, feel, sense nothing but the echoing of the cracks in the dark wood. The sound was invigorating. However, he could sense my complete enjoyment and therefore he stopped.
My last command was to show him the position for desire. I slowly move away from my corner to the blanket spread. Deliberately angling my body in co-ordinance with the light of the moon, I got on all fours, reached behind and spread myself open to him. I do not know what came over me, but I suppose it was the nature and my full exposure in it, but my pussy was throbbing. My master could sense this, so he refrained from touching me, rather he lifted me up by my hair and then gently caressed my face and told me how beautiful I was, just before he shoved his cock back into my mouth. There in the open nature, our audience of trees, random hidden animals, and the moon and stars above, I blew him deep and hard until he was about to cum....and he pulled away. It was not until he could not take any more that he pushed me back and began to lick and taste my juices. Playing with my asshole with his tongue and encircling it with his fingers, that I exploded all over his face. A never ending torrent of liquid alacrity spewed from my crevice.
The howling of my deepest passion roared in unison with the fireworks spectacle in the next town. This added the perfect ambiance to express my enthusiasm for this particular moment in my sex. The green, red, and blue light from above cascaded against my body illuminating the curvature of my breasts and my facial features. The out poor of my ecstasy left my body completely destitute and we took a few moments to intimately reflect on our actions and replenish our strength for what was to come next.
After our pause, my master picked up the ropes and a few toys and a headlamp and guided me deeper into the forest. Earlier he had found a couple of smaller trees close enough together to tether me to. Standing me in an X formation, he slowly tied each wrist and each ankle to my hosts. He then blindfolded me and gagged my mouth. he left me standing there, wanting, desiring, and teasing with silence. The anticipation built up and my pussy was once again dripping. out of nowhere I hear the lovely sound once again of the clapping of my ass, this time with a paddle. He alternated in paddling my ass and tweaking my nipples until he could no longer resist. I heard him open the condom wrapper and for some reason, this is a huge turn on. Then I feel him penetrate my pussy with his cock, finally being filled, I could not stop the rush of liquid as I felt it run down my legs. Not being able to get the perfect position to climax, he released me from my ties, grabbed my collar and pulled me to our place in the grass, bent me over and gave it to me hard. As he was about to cum, he quickly removed his condom and exploded his sperm all over my face. He took the time to gaze upon my face and enjoy the reflective glimmer of his seed in the moons grace.