Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Anal Sex!

 In response to an anonymous reader's question

I personally have no issue with anal sex in general. I rather enjoy watching it on Porn and in reality, my biggest fantasy is to be double teamed in my ass and pussy. Would I ever do it? Probably not. Sometimes the fantasy is better played out in the mind than in reality.

When my clients ask if I do anal, my usual response is either no, or it is left to my discretion at the time. The reason being is I have trust issues. Anal sex to me leaves one at their most vulnerable. I should know as I was raped anally by my Master back in 2003 and without a condom. Since that point in my life 4 things have been a no go, purely based off of this experience. 1. I do not do anal 2. I do not do role playing or BDSM anymore 3. I do not sleep with black men 4. I never have sex without a condom (not that I didn't before, but in relationships I was less particular)

In previous posts I have mentioned my lover in ..."i hate my girlfriend...let's fuck". He has been a supportive constant in my life here of late and having sex with him has pushed my boundaries. He is very dominant and rough, but always honest, sincere, and thoughtful. When I say stop, that hurts too much...he not only listens he cares. Only with him have I begun to trust again. Only with him have I allowed anal sex. I like having this particular intimate thing specific to him. What do I get from it? Funny a reader would ask the same question he asked me, the very same day, but with a bit more grace and tact was exhibited by my lover when asking. Here is that conversation:

Lover: I can't wait for you to ride me with my dick in your asshole
though pussy fucking is nice too
and it would probably not be as hot as you riding me with your pussy..
 Me: awe!!! Maybe if I am turned away so you could see your dick in my ass it would be better
but I love your cock in my ass...who would have thought?!!

Lover: What do you love about it being in your ass?
Me:  well I like the way it fills me up. It puts pressure in my pussy at the same time. It makes my nipples hard when you are inside my ass too. Psychologically...I like the relinquishing of control to you, you dominating me that way, and being able to trust. Then I like that I can do something that you like naturally.
Lover: very good, we will start stuffing both your holes next time

This is something at this point in time I cannot offer "partners", because I do not have this connection with them. However, should a "partner" want to be a regular and build that trust, I may consider it. It also has to do with size and technique. I am a curvy woman indeed, with a nice round ass. But both my pussy and ass are tight and not very deep. My lover bottoms out and hurts me without trying.

I am not completely anally challenged though. I enjoy playing with ass and when the person has good hygiene rimming  and fingering is amazing! I love to anally fuck men and given my current training in my own ass lately, it gives me better understanding of internal contour, angles, and stimulation...this makes me better at giving I believe. I am sure most men who love to fuck women anally have not or refuse to be fucked in the ass and for those men, I especially would not want fucking me there. They have no idea about what is going on and how it is only another hole being fucked and a form of domination.

As I am a stickler for hygiene putting a cock that was in  my ass or anyone else's ass for that matter, and putting it into my mouth or into my pussy is a no go. I have no interest in getting an infection, sick, or hepatitis. This would put a huge damper on my lust for sex and it generally would not be good for business. 

Fisting....I would gladly fist someone if they wanted me to. Does it do anything for me? NO! Would I allow someone to fist my ass? NO! My lover has been trying to fist my pussy and it will not budge, I could not imagine what his fist would feel like in my ass. This is not fun for me, not in thought or reality. It goes against my policy of doing what I love and honestly, I am not into this kind of kinky. I would rather be with people who skirt between normal sex and adventurous and blow them away with my natural wildness, then to have my ass torn apart for only wanting the money and to get some pervert off.

I have limits and I have boundaries. Within those boundaries and the respect there of, the experience with me is astounding! I need no more than this. Those who I choose to have my encounters with are chosen for a reason. If they desire that little extra or extreme extra, then there is always someone else who will do it. I say...I don't need the money that bad!!


  1. thanks for sharing about sex.. very useful for me i will bookmark this for my future needs. Naturenergi

    1. Thank you for reading Naturenergi and I am glad it is insiteful. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to write about. I am actually about to write more on this subject! Between unwashed pussy and anal sex...these seem to be the most popular. I hope you pass my blog ID to others too! Many thanks and kisses.....aimmee