Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aimmee, your face looks even more beautiful with my cum on it!

Another fantastic meeting with a sexy, sophisticated, and well-endowed client from Switzerland! I am just curious as to what is in the water in that beautiful land, to produce such beauty. The type of man that presents outwardly to the world only a respectable, studious, and gentlemanly socialite and in bed also be a great and decisive deviant, yet sympatisch lover! I met this man several months ago and I was delighted to know that he thought of me again when he came to visit Berlin and that his anticipation of me was so strong, he booked his favorite berlin escort 1 month before his journey.
As he greeted me in front of his hotel as I smoked a cigarette my breath was taken away. He had grown even more handsome than I had remembered. We chatted each other up in the elevator as he enjoyed taking in my sexy appearance….dressed innocently for the added affect to what we were about to partake in….some play in domination and submission. I entered the room and saw his collection of toys and gadgets and was immediately aroused. First things first, he said, let us take care of your reward! He opened the safe and handed me my tender. I felt erotically dirty…and in this moment, being handed the money added to the erotic nature of my role. It signifies the curtain rising and for me to take my place in the center of the stage. For 2 hours I will perform the desire of a very sexy man happily, as his desire matches mine in level of deviance and attraction. He asked me, Aimmee are you ready for a little domination and submission? To have my ass spanked? To be penetrated in every orifice by his extremely huge cock? I looked at him with an innocent yet seductive smile and curious eye and responded; yes I am ready for you! He said, Aimmee….yes I am ready sir! He extended his hand behind my head, pulled me fast to him and started to kiss me with his sweet soft lips and he began to undress me. Of course I would not make it easy for him….my innocent attire proved to be chastising in its multiple layers and with each layer removed the more inviting. Once he had disrobed me he told me to get on the bed on all fours. I did what I was told and looked back at him in curiosity and with a deviant smile.
Oh yes….what a view….look at that ass….I am a lucky man, he said. He started to spank and pet my ass…harder and harder and then softly pet my soft pussy…teasing me.  I was completely turned on by his admiration of his views, his titillation and pain he was afflicting, all the while my body craved more and more. I thought about how hard his big cock was…throbbing as he was building himself up…knowing that he desired what I did….his large cock deep inside me, deep inside my mouth, deep inside my pussy, and deep inside my ass. But all must wait! He spanked me with his hands, then with the paddle. He inserted an acrylic dildo into my pussy and watched me squirm. He played with my asshole with a nice warming jelly until he inserted the dildo into my ass and watched it closely as it penetrated me. He watched as my breathing became more labored in deep arousal.  He inserted a nice black plug in my ass and commanded me to keep it there. Then he quickly stopped and commanded me on the floor at the edge of the bed, there he exclaimed, you know what you must do now….take my cock into your mouth….take it nice and deep…like a good girl.
I was delighted to take his very beautiful and extremely large cock into my mouth. I love a challenge and a challenge it was….a cock like this comes but only few and far between and my mouth must adjust to take it all and take it well. Only after a few moments this mission was accomplished and I had him all the way down my throat…tickling the tip of his cock with my tonsils. Then I began to go faster and harder and he pulled me by the hair off of his cock and threw me back on the bed….gently yet animalistic. He put on a condom and said, are you ready for my cock in your pussy? Oh, yes, I said, I want your cock in my pussy. He cut me off in mid-sentence and with a loader more commanding voice he said, no!... say Can I please have your cock in my pussy sir?!  CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY SIR? I repeated with a whimper.
As he entered my pussy with his large and engorged cock I could feel each and every centimeter in length and girth….and the sensation sucked the breath right out of me and the walls of my vagina contracted, clenched, and concatenated to his member perfectly. Every moment he was inside me I could feel his excitement and I was happy to deliver and when he was about to cum and when one would think a cock could not get any larger….I could feel the swelling and his release in mutual climax.
We took a moment to relax and get caught up from our last meeting. I thoroughly enjoy speaking with this very academically astute man. Not to mention he is very nice to look at. So nice, so perfect in fact, I seriously have to wonder why he is not taken. He is in a position where he could have whatever and whomever he wanted, yet he is all ethically and gallantly restrained. He is sincere, realistic, and secure, yet playful and charismatic like a young boy. He checked deviously to see if my plug was still where it should be and gave me a nice slap on my ass. After a few moments of sharing reciprocally stimulating conversation, he is hard once again and the engorged member demands more dictation.
Next I become his slave in shackles of pleasure and leather. I am completely in his control by his tether. With my wrists chained to my ankles and poised upon my knees…he holds me close, fingers grasping my hair, his soft lips kissing me…his fingers inside me massaging my pussy with the beckoning strokes of a master…until she relinquishes her sweet nectar. Dripping first down my thigh, then gushing in rhythm to his repeating gestures. He commands me with a pull of my collar down to the floor where I must take his cock once again in his mouth. Holding me by my hair, directing my mouth where he wants it, it turns me on more and I cum once again. Putting me back in my place like a doll on the bed, he bends me over and plays with the plug a bit and spanks me harder and harder with his hands and then again with the paddle. He knows that in my arousal he must hold the plug in as he plays with my pussy or in my moments of high arousal, I will push it out and the added pressure of him holding the plug in, stimulates me more. Bent over before him with my plugged ass in the air and my pussy staring face to face with him, he is ready to penetrate my remaining orifice. He asks me if I am ready for his big cock in my ass?
Oh yes, I want your big cock in my ass please give it to me! He commands stronger…no… say it correctly Aimmee or you shall not have this big cock in your ass. I disobey and say nothing.  He takes me by the chin and gives me a slap across the face and tells me to ask properly. I still disobey by saying nothing and looking at him and smiling. He smacks me again and kisses me and grasps my tits tightly. Then in my heightened arousal I ask…..will you please fuck me with your big cock in my ass…sir? Yes Aimmee….you will take my big cock in your ass and love it. He slowly removes my plug and inserts his finger inside me…watching closely then he applies a pinch of warming lube and massages my hole with his finger, then in sets the tip of his cock….in and out with just enough to create a suction and a pop….then glides his member all the way to the end. My back arched and then caved in complete submission to his wordless command. My ass was open for him with a tightness of welcoming resistance. Slow and deep, deep and slow, breathing in rhythm, his hand on my back and the other around my neck, I felt the flow of my cum trickle down my legs…harder and deeper the cum flowed rapidly. He quickly removed his cock, put me down on the floor on my knees, pulled off the condom and shoved his cock in my mouth and then jerked himself and said, you want me to cum on your face? Yes…yes sir….cum on my face.  I could barely finish my request before his warm pearlescent load spewed all over my lips, cheeks, nose, and eyes.
In his sigh of relief he sat there and looked at me saying how I should see how beautiful I looked at that moment. With one eye closed I sat up with a gesture to unshackle my wrists from my ankles. He set me free and I walked over to the mirror and looked…and for the first time I could see and understand the beauty of which he spoke. He had not just a beautiful cock, but his cum was just as delectable creamy white and smooth. Perfect in consistency, quantity, and actual placement….it was beautiful to see HIS beautiful seed on my face.
I began to clean myself up and reapply my makeup and in between we exchanged intimate dialog and several compliments and the lingering words from his mouth spoke….Aimmee, you have such a beautiful face, but your face looks even more beautiful with my cum on it!

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