Friday, May 17, 2013

The Ignorance of Men Desperate for Sex

Creating silly Craigslist ads is a fun way to pass time and seems to be a popular form of entertainment... not just for myself, but for many others. Yesterday after reading through some of the personal ads in the Berlin chapter, I was inspired! I decided once again to see how far some men would go for sex.

Hottie with a Surprise!

“I am a very attractive blond woman. I live alone and need some sex. I have herpes but do not like to use condoms. Are there any good looking men out there...well that don't mind?”

This is very scary guys and gals! Here are only the first few responses. Sadly no pics were made available to match a face/cock to the ignorance.

From P.

I guess that is not infectious, hmm? I am interested and hope that you
are real. I am German, tall, well educated, clean and just need some
distraction. So if you are still up for it, please let me know. Best ..

Dear Mr. P… are obviously NOT a well-educated man and in your statement identifying yourself as German is shameful to all Germans. Not only is Herpes contagious…there is no cure. If it goes undiagnosed you could get early onset dementia and when you have your outbreaks nice juicy sore red pustules take over your entire penis! Which would you prefer?

From Jeff K

I must say thats the first I see an ad such as this, I like the honesty! you seam like a boiling steamer ! 

Dear Jeff K,

I have many steaming boils, that was the point. Would you like them on your mouth or all over your cock? Honesty is only half the battle.

From Megane Trish


i'm interested & i don't mind your herpes ;-) 


Dear Megane,


You really should care about my herpes…even if you already have them…who knows what else I may have?


From Michael  Mclaughlin

That is a sick post and you are not real. 

Dear Michael,

I think you may be the only man here able to maintain blood flow to both heads at once!! J


From Braziliian Guy Cara Legal

Hey there, im a good looking brazilian guy in berlin now. I would like to meet you.. Where are you?
Dear Braziliian Guy,
No offence, but in the sexually educated reality, Brazil is number one in the modern world for HIV. Why? Because of your twisted idea about anal penetration not being considered sex! Having anal intercourse with young ladies to “preserve her virginity” and since you do not consider anal as sex, there is of course no need for a condom! Having herpes is bad enough, I do not want a dose of HIV or whatever else may be clinging on to your balls.


From Martin Martino

hi there,


just saw your post.

if you real lets really make it happen.


I am a handsome, typical artist in Berlin, not desperate for sex but really fancy a spontaneous meeting with sazzy stranger

I am 33, skim, dark chocolate skin, black curls and all that jazz.


dont ask for naked photo that ot gonna happen

if you up for it we can meet in a ice cozy bar and see how it goes

I have standard too ;-)

Dear Martin,

So would it be safe to say that “typical artists” go slathering their cocks in any canvas? Why would I want a naked pic to begin with? One, I am not a man and two if I am a herpes infected nasty bitch who wants to fuck you without a condom, why would I give a sit about what you look like? Please clarify your standards….that is what I thought, any woman that would not walk out of the bar after meeting you J

From Benny

By the way it is not really a surprise if you tell before they unpack the present. The best answer might be: I do mind, because you'll endanger everyone who is careless enough.

Then again I guess your revealing post suggests that in fact a lot of people don't give a liquid fart about their health or the health of others. Quiet sad, quiet stupid, quiet egoistic.

Without writing about that Herpes you'd even have ten times more replies of people who are willing to have condomless sex with a total stranger. You should strike there next time.

Nicely done, strangress/stranger.
You're my hero/in of the day.

Later From Michael Mclaughlin

Ok, this is Michael, one of your posters. You know, the guy with blood flowing to both ends. I might add I turned the post into CL for removal I found it so offensive. So was there any, uh, prize or reward for doing the right thing? Shouldn't right moral courage be rewarded? I am not talking about you owe me a casual encounter, but how about an ice cream? A cup of coffee? Order of fries?
Just asking.  Michael  Since I am a curious sort why did you run the ad? I wonder if women would respond in the same way? I sure hope not. No, women are not that bloody stupid.
Hello Michael,

I remember who you are. I want to congratulate for a great job in policing Craigslist for inappropriate behavior. Why did I do it? Consider it a wake up call or a public service announcement.

I do this on occasion to show 1. women how far men will go 2. to show how ridiculous the responses are 3. to prove a point about ignorance....but this one in particular, to show how easy it could be to catch a disease. Many of these men on CL are married or have girlfriends...and I know for a fact that many of them cruise the site with much luck, only to (if I were real, in this case) to have risked their (significant others) health and lives for one moment of bliss.  

It is meant to be offensive! Because it is! Sometimes in the anonymous world where anything goes, some blip of reality must surface from time to time. So no, no prize...I do not ever reward bad behavior.

As far as women responses....the only female responses were....thank you and this is disgusting! Do not even begin to think that women behave and react to sex in the same way as men do....when they do, it is only an act or because that is the only way they were taught to attract a man in the first place. There is no doubt that women have desires and kinky desires at that.But the way we desire and who we desire is not lost in blood flow between our nether regions and our brains.
From Ashley (A woman I am guessing)
OMG! This is sad and funny at the same time! You are brilliant !

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